{Abby & Kevin} ...the preview

Soooo... instead of a whole new post... I decided just to update this one with a few more pics so I can give you the whole story! I have sooo many great things to say about this wedding... from her amazing dress (soooo simple and so elegant and pretty all at the same time) to the glorious weather to getting to shoot at Crescent Bend during TULIP season!!!!
So... without further ado... introducing {Abby and Kevin}

A fun wedding party is an absolute MUST. These girls rocked! Notice the uncanny resemblance between Abby and one of the bridesmaids? They are twins... and her sis just got married not even a year ago.

Abby and Kevin were determined not to see each other until the ceremony... but wanted a quick conversation through a door.

LOVE this...

I could not love the last pic in this series any more than i do... Just as they were announced Man and Wife and started the walk back down the aisle... Kevin looked down at the new ring on his finger and grinned SO big. Sooooo sweet.


Congratulations Abby and Kevin!
Thank you sooooo much for sharing it with me. ;) Jennie