{candace + garrett}

Y'all!!  It is eye-candy time in Tennessee!  This is ONE GORGEOUS WEDDING with some beautiful people.  If you know me well, you know that I LOVE working with type-A brides.  They know what they want out of life and love and also out of their wedding.  They plan and plan in advance and then usually, the day of the wedding they are super zen and just ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  This is a perfect example of that.  Every detail was impeccable from her amazing pink dress to perfect vintage hair waves, to the florals and the hand-lettered signs (Candace was a cheerleader and apparently, cheerleaders get lots of practice hand-lettering things).  But most of all, I love how much Garrett seems to admire and appreciate and support her.  They have supported each other for the last few years as they got their PhDs in Physical Therapy and are now getting to work {sorta} together as they start the rest of their lives.  They have learned to be a good team already and it shows. Anyhow... enough of the talking and onto the action!  

Venue: The Standard

Event Planning/Coordination: Honeybee Events

Lighting and Entertainment: Special Notes

Florals: Lisa Foster

Food/Cake: Bradford Catering

Dress: Lazaro

Rentals: All Occasion Party Rentals



What a ride. Here it is, March and I am just now able to breathe... to sit and reflect and be grateful for the people, places, adventures and experiences that have made this job and life so amazing and so fulfilling day in and day out, year after year.  This was a special year, and I wanted to take an opportunity to share some of the moments that made it so. From families to weddings, I have taken lots of pretty pictures, but so many of these images are so much more.  Lots of these moments are ones I haven't shared... They are imperfect, they are candid.  They are real.  Quiet minutes between the action and moments where the camera is forgotten and there is laugher  and tears and quick glances that say I love you... these little snippets are why I love my job so much.


Oh, the love.  I am pretty sure I have about the most massive crush possible on these two people.  Drew is adorable and hilarious (just look at how he makes her laugh), and Amanda is warm, genuine and so, so gorgeous (her hairrrrrr.... swoon). Mostly, I have a crush on how perfect they are for one another.  Comfort and closeness and laughter and love. Its all in the pics...

{stacey and taylor}

  • I'm finally getting around to posting some blogs and wanted to start with this sweet winter wedding from way back in December.  I'm in love with these two and how much fun they have together... I had such a BLAST shooting this wedding!! Carrie Jo of Texture Photographics and Alli Rader of AlliBphotography joined me as second shooters and having their awesome energy and eyes there was so inspiring and fun!  The Standard was a perfect backdrop for this art-filled wedding.  Stacey is a painter and Taylor built the gorgeous wooden backdrops and Stacey painted them in her awesome abstract style.  They also gave original paintings as favors!  LOVE!  Anyhow... on to the good stuff...


THESE TWO!!!!  Seriously, what a dream day... dream venue (Castleton Farms), dream flowers by the oh, so talented Sam Franklin and dream husband (I have NEVER seen a groom so enamored with his bride) and the most photogenic and gorgeous bride you can imagine.  I feel so lucky that I got to be there for this one!  I'll add a few to this soon, but wanted to at least get up this little bit of eye candy.  :)

{kayla and matt: the wedding}

Ooooooh, yes!  This is a good one, y'all.  SO. MUCH. JOY.  So if you are feeling cold and dreary today (like I am!!), grab a hot beverage and a cozy quilt and take a second to let this wedding warm you right up.  If the joy on your faces doesn't do it, the amazing light we had for shooting certainly will. I adore this couple, who made me laugh, made me cry and made me sooo happy to be a part of their day.  You can't find two more in love or genuine people than these two.  And they aren't too bad lookin' either!  ;) 

{lauren and blake: the wedding}

So... this wedding was pure magic.  But instead of making you read all about it in my words, I really want to share some words of wisdom from some of Lauren's five-year old students.  They read these out-loud at the wedding and I seriously died a little.  So cute and original and funny. This is pulled straight from the transcript from their ceremony. 

Before the wedding -

  •  See if they like you or love you.
  •  Always pick the wedding dress that you think that fits.

  •  Look your very best and put lipstick on...and I will miss you.

  •  Don't be shy

  • Fix your hair the right way.

  • Pick out the beautifulest, whitest dress.

  • Make sure you get a good ring for your husband.

  • Have a good wedding cake...mmmm I love cake!

  • Put on lots of bracelets and hold his hand and do not be shy and wear

    necklaces... and have fun. 

    After the wedding -

  • Get some children.

  • Be a good mom for your children.

  • Make sure you play with your children... and buy games for them.

  • Play hide and seek.

  • Get some new friends.

  • Have a lot of rest.

  • Always wear the goodest clothes...that's always what I do.

  • Go on a date with him.

  • Take him to Dollywood or Dixie Stampede.

  • Go get ice cream.

    All throughout your lives -

  • Enjoy life whenever you get married.

  • You should always use your manners.

  • You should be kind.

  • Smile.

  • Always look your best.

  • You should always be excited and happy.

  • Make up a new holiday.

  • Just stare in their eyes.

  • Always be good to him.

  • Get a note that says I love you very much...and then stick it on his face. 


So great to work with these creative teams,

Venue: The Barn at Chestnut Springs

Dress: Wedding Wonderland

Catering & Cake: Lux Catering

Flowers: Melissa Timm Designs

Officiant: Fred Patterson


{lauren and michael}

Okokok!  So I have to warn you... this is a BIG POST with a LOT of images!  Probably too many for most attention spans... but just bear with me, because this is one magical wedding... it just got better and better.  I did something a little different for this one and I'm starting off with the rehearsal dinner (because it was just too cool to skip!).  We didn't get to do an engagement session because Lauren and Michael live way up in Minnesota, so I "crashed" their rehearsal dinner and stole them away for a few short minutes to get some casual shots of just the two of them.  Super sweet and I think they were grateful for the quiet minutes. ;) But, the wedding itself was the magical part.  Held at the DeBarge Vineyard in northern Georgia, not only was the bride absolutely gorgeous and the ceremony amazing, over-looking the valley and hills below, but we majorly lucked out with the best sunset light I think I've ever shot... EVER.  So cuddle up, stay awhile and tuck into this sweet love story...

Thanks to my second shooter for the day, Matt Brock, who totally rocked it and HUGE thanks to Lauren and Michael, who trusted me to come along on their journey.  :) j

{laura and trex}

Starting off this absolutely beautiful morning with an equally lovely wedding shot a few weeks ago at The Standard.  For those of you planning a wedding, you MUST add this to your list.  Check this place OUT!  It is seriously magical with the exposed brick and natural light.

LOVE LOVE LOVE!  Anyhow, on to the good stuff...

Locale: The Standard Knoxville

Dress:  BHLDN

Flowers: Carla Basile

Catering: Holly's Eventful Dining

Invitations: The Happy Envelope

Calligraphy: Michelle Eargle

Cakes: Lauren Eargle

Band: Devan Jones and the Uptown Stomp

{kayla and michael}

Pretty excited about this one Y'all!!  One of my favorite gals in the WORLD got married out at the beautiful Castleton Farms and was kind enough to share it all with me.  I'm going to do a much more intense post about this one when I get a chance, but just had a share a little sneak peek!  I am pretty much in love with everything about this Carnival-themed bash executed by the uber talented Jennifer Laria.  And to top it off, Kayla was just nominated for the cover of Pink Bride Magazine.  You can vote for her HERE

{skye & harrison}

So, for a boy who is headed off the the Air Force and a girl who was {literally} flying solo by the age of 18 (and who is named Skye for heaven's sake!), where else in the world would they choose to have their wedding reception than in an airplane hanger.  I just cannot get over how much I adore this family... and this wedding day was just about as perfect as one can be... from the dress to her gorgeous bouquet to the best getaway vehicle EVER!!  

{cameron: bridal

Oh, goodess gracious, I love this bridal session. I love, love, love her pink dress (that she seriously got second-hand in Charleston), her head wreath and flowers that she tied herself, the amazing venue and her adorable smile. This one is just so sweet, I just couldn't help but share.


{katie & hunter}

It is a really great thing that I love shooting at Maple Grove Inn, because I have spent ALOT of time there this year!  I am so excited I got to shoot Katie and Hunter's lovely wedding there back in July.  Katie's mom was my 9th grade geometry teacher, so we go way back!  Ha.  Check out the amazing flower details... all of the flowers (aside from the carry bouquets by the lovely Melissa Timm) are from Katie's mom's garden... talk about a green thumb.  They were so beautiful.  Anyhow... enjoy!  ;)

{vegas: dusten and mike}

To say that this is one of my all-time favorite esessions is the understatement of the century.  I cannot describe how lucky I feel that I got to shoot photos for these two.  They are both travelers at heart and have had a whirlwind of dating while living in different places, so they decided the only real way to tell that story would be to take me along on an adventure with them.  So the following is what happens when a crazy, fun, in love couple takes along a photographer to one of their most favorite places.  Viva Las Vegas!!

{rachel & chad}

Holy cow, I love so much about these two.  From their laid-back personalities to Rachel's uber-classic style (and beauty).  I am also pretty much in love with their venue.  They got married at Bluebird Hill and instead of the normal garden area, they chose to have the ceremony up on top of the hill.  Just perfect in every way.  Chad made the awesome, rustic wooden cross and I lovelovelove her flowers by Sassafras.  Enjoy and Happy Tuesday!  

{callyn & aaron}

Seriously, y'all.  I have never had a happier bride than Callyn.  She was just as glowy and giddy and smiley as can be... even during the little pop-up storm we had during the ceremony.  I absolutely loved shooting these two and their beautiful, classic, perfectly simple and elegant style.  

And a big thank you to Sabrina Lafon... my wonderful second shooter for the day.  

{kayla & rob}

Sooooo excited right now to be sharing this wedding... First off, it was 9 years in the making.  Kayla and Rob have been together, like, forever.  So they were READY for this day to finally come!  Second, Kayla might just be one of my most loved people in my life.  She and I have been working together in one capacity or another for almost 5 years now... and I couldn't be more proud of her on her own journey as a photographer if I tried.  Seriously, y'all.  Check her out.  Kayla f Photography.  She does beautiful work.  I think its mostly because she herself is such a beatiful person.  You'll see!  Just scroll down... not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she and Rob are so totally in love and this whole day is so full of joy and laughter and emotion you are just going to fall splat in love with them just like I did.  I promise.  

Gotta give a shout out to my always amazing second, Alli.  She rocked this one.  Almost all of the gorgeous detail shots are hers.  And the gorgeous flowers are by the amazing Allie King of Sassafras.  Love, love, love.  ;)

I normally don't do this, but this is going to call for a little commentary as we go... just a few things I think you should know...

LOVE their flasks and shot glasses... Kayla and Rob LOVE both Biltmore and the Virgin Islands...  And I'm gonna brag here for a minute.  The Camera Flask was a homemade Christmas present from me to Kayla last year.  ;)
Invites by the oh, so fabulous Kate Moore of Kate Moore Creative

LOVELOVELOVE how the rain is visible in all of these next photos.  I was a drowned rat by the end of the day, but goodness, it was worth it!

the drowned rat...

Kayla and Rob call their pup "Bean."  I think he completely lives up to his nickname here...  haha.

COOLEST part of any wedding ceremony I have EVER seen!  They passed their rings through the crowd so people could bless them (or just apply some good juju).  ;)

{alli & jase}

I hope you are all sitting down, because what follows is what happens when you let your associate blog her own wedding...  TONS and TONS of photos.  She said she was having a hard time narrowing it down, so I could just weed some out, but honestly, I just couldn't!!  She tells the story perfectly I think, from the sweet, sweet ceremony at Samary Plantation in Nashville to the tons of DIY details to the amazing flowers by Melissa Timm.  I've also got to say a huge thanks to my second for the day... Kayla of Kayla f photography.  It was just like old times getting to have her around for the day.  


Venue:  Samary Plantation - Nashville

Flowers: Melissa Timm Designs

Coordination and Set-up: Wallis Tharp with Revelry Event Creations

China, quilts and white furniture: Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals

Arbor/Arch: Hand made by Alli's dad

{sabina & bret}

The earth has received the embrace of the sun and we shall see the results of that love - Sitting Bull

This is absolutely a PERFECT spring wedding... rain in the morning and the lovely kiss of the sun in the evening.  These two were so graceful and so undeterred by the weather because they were so focus on how excited they were to be married.  I LOVE couples like that... and I am so happy that the day turned out so be so gloriously beautiful.  ;)

Venue: Holston Hills CC

Florals: Lisa Foster 

Dress: David's Bridal