{welcome to the new blog!}

So, this is the brand-spankin’ new blog for Jennie Andrews Photography, and it’s called “Jen and Phot.” You may be asking yourself, “Who exactly is Phot?”

Well, Phot is short for photography, just like And is short for Andrews, and Jen is short for Jennie. Which gives us Jen{nie} And{rews} Phot{ography}. And, naturally, Phot has quickly become the pen name for myself {the super cool blogger}.

The best thing about blogging is the fact that it’s quick. Just like capturing a memory by snapping a quick picture, we are going to post short blog updates so you know what’s going on with Jennie and her team.

There will be certain days with categorized posts, and there will always be random posts {because, well, life is generally random}.

So check the blog when you have a chance, and check back often. That way, you’ll never be sitting around wondering what JenAndPhot are up to!