{Carly & Will}

Aaaahhh... the great state of Alabama!  Added another state to my list of places I've shot weddings with these guys and I have to say, I definitely wouldn't mind going back.  The wedding was at a state park near Gunthersville, AL and it was absolutely amazing.  We don't have state parks like this in Tennessee.  The lodge looked more like something in a National Park.  The wedding was on the veranda which overlooked the lake about a half mile below us.  LOVE.

The "first look"

Every bunch of groomsmen needs a good "boyband" picture.

i LOVED this wedding party!  they were up for (and wanted to do) anything and everything CRAZY!!! I've been wanting to find a wedding party that would rock some handstands for awhile now... and I'm SO glad I found them!!!  

Silly Geese...

Moms are SO important at weddings.  I LOVE the emotion in this pic.

These are two of my favorites... I'm slightly addicted to all things solar flare.