{vintage funky friday}

So since I have been checking out some awesome blogs lately, I have been in such a vintage mood. (Yes, it is possible to be in a vintage mood) So where else can you find all things vintage? ETSY!! I had a blast with this post!! I literally just poured over pages and pages for longer than I want to admit. 

How much fun would these be for a wedding with a little vintage flair? 

Recycled Light Fixtures

Or what about this incredible wedding dress? Now, it might not technically be vintage, but it certainly has that air about it! 

Adeline Wedding Dress

Now, I love soap...especially homemade soap. It totally takes me back to The Museum of Appalachia (which is a fantastic wedding venue as well). This is such a fantastic idea for wedding favors!

Natural Honey Oatmeal Soap

I hope yall enjoyed this fun vintage theme as much as I did. Run over to Etsy and see all the awesomeness!