{funky friday for the birds}

Take a gander at any design magazine or home decor catalog and you know that birds are here to stay. Which is fine with me. Little birdies have made it into plenty of previous Funky Friday posts. Birds are beautiful and sweet—a great way to pull some nature and sentimentality into a wedding theme. But birds on invites or cakes or favors can seem too cutesy for some brides who don't want to ruffle the groom's feathers. Here are some ways to use birds without being too precious:

Go botanical. Adore this Sanskripts stationery!!  Its delightfully avian and gender-neutral.  I love the natural look... I see it tied up with a piece of twine or a scrap of burlap.

Go graphic. A silhouette cuts down on the cute factor and makes a strong statement like this personalized ring pillow...

Or the subtle accent on this table card:  Soooo simple and classic.

Keep the birds on your bridesmaids with these stunning peacock feather pendants. {want!} 

And remember: there's always the chance that actual birds will visit your wedding. That's good luck, right?