{funky friday...with flags}

Today's post is inspired by two things: the Fourth of July and one of my favorite new wedding accessories. Wait. What do those things have in common? Flags!

Personalized, colorful whimsical...these flags at Paula and Drew's wedding perfectly captured their carefree personalities.

Well, if I have anything to say about it, flags should be here to stay, especially if they are as cute as Paula's and these from Knoxville artist Ashley Addair.

Combining text, textiles, paint swatches and other found objects, Ashley's flags are a quirky twist on Tibetan prayer flags. Also a painter, her canvases involve words and images, and these flags are like little paintings strung together and draped from corner to corner. Simply lovely. 

Ashley and her singer-songwriter husband Levon (also super-talented) recently helped their friends Josh and Amelia throw a wedding in Knoxville's Park Ridge neighborhood. More of Ashley's flags adorned the reception site, featured in the 100 Layer Cakes blog.

Want some flags for your own with a certain color scheme or special event in mind? Ashley considers custom orders via her etsy page.

Here's to flags! I hope they never go out of style. Those red, white and blue ones are nice too.