The Olivia Act

Happy Wednesday y'all.  I just want to share a little something cool with you today.  I struggle daily with how and what to give of myself on a regular basis, and then something happens that nudges me into action, that reminds me that I DO have valuable gifts to give.  Today, I'm grateful for the Olivia Act, which reminded me that what I (and other photographers) do means so much to so many people. When I read today about the Olivia Act, I knew immediately I'd be part of it.  

The Olivia Act, named after one of the children killed in Newtown, was started by a photographer who wishes to be anonymous. Olivia’s family had family pictures taken a short time before she was killed. Those pictures are precious and now priceless to them. Upon hearing this, this photographer was moved to give away a 30 minute family photo shoot and has challenged other photographers to do the same. 

I will be taking nominations for a family who you think would appreciate this gift. This session will take place after the New Year. I will be taking Nominations until January 5. Please email their name, contact information and a brief summary of why you chose them to: putting “THE OLIVIA ACT NOMINATION” in the subject line. The chosen family will be contacted via email or phone call.   And for all of my photographer friends, I hope that you do the same.  much love, jennie