{funky friday: pinterest obsessed}

When I'm not holding my camera (it does happen!) I'm grasping my iPhone, and more often than not lately, I'm probably up to my eyeballs in Pinterest, a website and app that taps my yen to collect and organize gorgeous things that I see all over the web.

Pinterest is a little like Tumblr in that people share all kinds of pics and ideas that you can like and share. It's unbelievably addictive!

It's like an online scrapbook for all those fun design, project and craft ideas you have, but, like me, rarely get to.

It's also inspirational: I've recently redesigned my bedroom and found umpteen ideas online, which I organized in one place via Pinterest. LOVE! 


And of course I get great ideas regarding wedding photo shoots as well. Like this amazing scene:

Coming soon to a wedding near you! Thanks to all my Pinterest pals and great design blogs and websites out there. Thanks to you, I'll keep spending many hours liking and clicking and sharing.