{funky friday: bling's the thing}

Today's {funky friday} entry is inspired by Chelsea, star of Monday's wedding post. Her jewelry was simply fabulous—the kind you see Hollywood stars wearing on the red carpet before an awards show.

I didn't ask which designer she was wearing or if she had to return the earrings and bracelet to the Royal Family's vault before going on her honeymoon. But I did some Googling out of curiosity and found some pretty swanky things. 

Of course, my beloved etsy delivered some nifty things. I like the way this one-of-a-kind headpiece from Noaki (1) combines gems and feathers.

And I'm always a sucker for vintage. This art deco rhinestone cuff (5) is on the old-fashioned side of swank. 

I found out you can actually borrow jewels for your wedding day...or prom or party or awards show (if that's how you roll you). Websites like Adorn (3), BagBorroworSteal (2, 4) and Imoveritonline allow you to rent special jewels for a fraction of the cost of buying. So, if you don't need to own your wedding day gems for the rest of your life, you could go for pizazz without the price tag.

Speaking of the royals, maybe tiaras will come back in fashion since Kate looked so smashing in hers! This one from Bling Jewelry on Amazon is only $50 and you can keep it forever. Definitely until your next red carpet event. Or Halloween.