{a seaside funky friday}

Happy Good 'n' {funky} Friday! I hope you're about to enjoy a lovely Easter weekend. I'm only a week away from shooting a wedding in Aruba (!!!), which is probably what led me to today's oceanic theme. Plus, I love supporting local artists, so I knew I had to share the work of Amanda Thompson's Box of Pearls.

Her latest creations feature sea glass, a beautiful and rare kind of manmade "gemstone." I love the idea that shards of bottles and jars from all over the world get worn and smoothed by the tides and eventually wash up on beaches. Romantic, isn't it?

Thompson wraps the different stones in nickel silver wire and adds stones and freshwater pearls, a traditional twist that balances the contemporary style. Wouldn't these be perfect accessories for a casual beach wedding? Or maybe for a photographer to wear to Aruba? Ha! 

{funky friday rocks}

Wedding season is ramping up, and this {funky friday} has me feeling fairly random...and a little bit jewelry obsessed. I came across these necklaces by designer Sahlia Michelle. Made with natural stones like rough-cut aquamarine, diamond quartz and citrine, these wearable works of art are quite contemporary and statement pieces for sure. This is NOT your grandmother's wedding bling! And although they're in the designer's bridal collection, these baubles don't look so specific to brides that you couldn't wear them long after the honeymoon.


I really love the mixed metals in this last one. Check out the rest of Sahlia's work too — gorgeous!