{stacey and taylor}

  • I'm finally getting around to posting some blogs and wanted to start with this sweet winter wedding from way back in December.  I'm in love with these two and how much fun they have together... I had such a BLAST shooting this wedding!! Carrie Jo of Texture Photographics and Alli Rader of AlliBphotography joined me as second shooters and having their awesome energy and eyes there was so inspiring and fun!  The Standard was a perfect backdrop for this art-filled wedding.  Stacey is a painter and Taylor built the gorgeous wooden backdrops and Stacey painted them in her awesome abstract style.  They also gave original paintings as favors!  LOVE!  Anyhow... on to the good stuff...

{kayla and matt: the wedding}

Ooooooh, yes!  This is a good one, y'all.  SO. MUCH. JOY.  So if you are feeling cold and dreary today (like I am!!), grab a hot beverage and a cozy quilt and take a second to let this wedding warm you right up.  If the joy on your faces doesn't do it, the amazing light we had for shooting certainly will. I adore this couple, who made me laugh, made me cry and made me sooo happy to be a part of their day.  You can't find two more in love or genuine people than these two.  And they aren't too bad lookin' either!  ;) 

{skye & harrison}

So, for a boy who is headed off the the Air Force and a girl who was {literally} flying solo by the age of 18 (and who is named Skye for heaven's sake!), where else in the world would they choose to have their wedding reception than in an airplane hanger.  I just cannot get over how much I adore this family... and this wedding day was just about as perfect as one can be... from the dress to her gorgeous bouquet to the best getaway vehicle EVER!!  

{vegas: dusten and mike}

To say that this is one of my all-time favorite esessions is the understatement of the century.  I cannot describe how lucky I feel that I got to shoot photos for these two.  They are both travelers at heart and have had a whirlwind of dating while living in different places, so they decided the only real way to tell that story would be to take me along on an adventure with them.  So the following is what happens when a crazy, fun, in love couple takes along a photographer to one of their most favorite places.  Viva Las Vegas!!

{kate moore: graphic designer extraordinaire}

So, y'all.  I am SO flipping excited to share these pics with you and tell you all about my dear friend Kate. For those of you who don't know her, she shares my office downtown.  Kate is an AMAZING graphic designer who specializes in branding and also creates the most lovely, fun and creative wedding invitation designs EVER.  She needed some images for her new ROCKING website  (which you should totally check out), so we decided on this fun, funky urban vibe just perfect for her.  Kate is funny, sweet, has killer style, and is seriously one of the most beautiful people you could ever meet, inside AND out.  Seriously, everyone I introduce her to falls head over heels in love with her.  And I'm sure you will too... just through these pics.

Now about the shoot...  honest to goodness, this is about the most fun I've had shooting in like, forever. My goal was to keep moving for the entire hour shoot.  We started it off with a couple glasses of wine (liquid courage for Kate and creative juice for me - haha)... then we ran, we laughed, we jumped, we walked backwards, then forwards, we sang and we chased the last of the sunlight right to the horizon.  And the final product... I'm just in love. I hope you are too... if so, leave her a little love note in the comments.  ;) 


{kelley & matt}

If you get simple beauty, and naught else, you get about the best of what God invents.  - Robert Browning    

I absolutely adore this wedding from February that is chock-full of simple beauty.  From her lovely white flowers (by the ever-talented Lisa Foster) down to her sweet sparkly shoes, every last detail was perfect... and they also might just be some of the most lovely people I've ever shot.  Just look for the photo of him hugging her after the first look... you'll see what I mean.  xoxo

{kayla & michael}

Goodness, gracious... I can't think of anything more fun than a day at the fair.  I'm going back a couple of months for this one, but I just couldn't let another week go by without sharing it.  I've known Kayla for YEARS!  I mean, we go way, way back.  So, naturally, I was SO EXCITED when she asked me to shoot her wedding next year and to do her engagement photos this fall.  First thing you should know... Kayla has amazing style.  The girl doesn't leave the house without perfect hair, flawless makeup and adorable clothes.  Which makes her so much fun to shoot (well, that and her slightly dramatic nature).  ;)  Second, when they asked me if I'd mind shooting at the fair, I jumped up and down!  I love shooting the fair... with all of its colors, smells, quirky people and tasty food, it's sensory overload!  And I can't help it... i just LOVE photos with other people in them.  Just makes a shoot feel so romantic, like, who cares about all these other folks?... I choose YOU... over and over and over, I'd still choose YOU.   xoxo


Welcome to another installment of #whatwe'reworkinonwednesday!  I got to go shoot the elopement of Justin and Belinda yesterday and I just had to come home and edit a couple... cause I LOVE elopements.  Just LOVE them!  And I love a couple who says, just shoot naturally.  We just want you to tell the story.  So excited to share these!



the ceremony...

Thanks you two for letting me be there with you! Such a sweet, fun way to spend a Tuesday morning.

sarah & stephen {sneak peek}

This is just a super-duper quick little blog to share a few pics from my oh-so AMAZING New Year's Eve wedding!!  Holy-moly, i can not explain how much fun this wedding was.  I'll make sure you guys get a FULL big ole blog story after all the pics are done, but until then... enjoy this little teaser...




Wishin' on bones...

I cannot explain in words how lucky I feel to have gotten to shoot this wedding.  Hold on to your seats and grab a big ole cup o' joe, because I think this is the longest blog post I've ever done!  How do you narrow it down when everywhere you aim your camera is another amazing detail - puppies, horses, a gorgeous farm, crazy-beautiful flowers- another funny incident or another super sweet moment??  Well, you just don't.  I simply love this family so much and Sara and Jake are two of the most gracious people I've ever worked with.  They deserved the perfect day, and I have to say, it was pretty darn close to that!  So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of Sara and Jake...

I'm starting out with some pics from the rehearsal dinner... notice the finery they are sporting!  Jake and Sara asked folks to wear something they'd NEVER consider wearing to a wedding.  There was everything from PJs to Prom dresses...  And their sweet families toasted them until the whole room was just one big blubbery mess.  LOVE.


These next are a mix of the rehearsal and the morning of the wedding.  Notice the wishbone flag... more about that later...



oh, Lordy.  Those of you who really know me know I CANNOT resist doggies... much less puppies.  Sara's sis had just gotten this sweet baby and he showed up in {probably WAY TOO MANY} of the wedding pics...

 There is just something about being able to get ready at home.  Sara and her sis getting ready in their own bathroom with family wedding pics just outside the door.  Gotta love that.

Ok... gonna jump back a little here... these next few are from a bridal session we did at the farm a few weeks before the wedding...

And back to wedding day.  The boutonniere (and rest of the flowers) are by Samantha at Mulberries.  Girlfriend ROCKED it!!!!   Sara wanted cotton, so Hope (from Simply Southern Catering) brought her bags of it back from some family in Georgia (or was it Alabama - sorry if I messed that up Hope). 

 Sweet, sweet, sweet first look.  Holy moly, the way Jake looks at her is enough to send anyone into heart palpitations. 

ok... so, I think it may be time to share the story of the wishbone.  Back years and years ago, when Sara and Jake were not even really old enough to think about things like serious dating, they had a bit of a crush on one another.  Working at a camp, they were on the dishline together (how romantic, right?!?) and a wishbone showed up on a plate.  They each grabbed a side (see photo below for the reenactment) and Jake ended up with the bigger side.  It wasn't until years later that Jake got his wish of a date with Sara.  Little did he know, Sara had wished for the same. 

The reenactment was true to the original outcome...  hehehe.

Oh, my.  gotta love a bride who doesn't take herself too seriously.  ;)

Seriously, are these not the coolest flowers ever?  OMG.  I died a little.

Ok... so,  the ceremony.  I'm gonna put my photographer's high-hat for just a second...  I LOVE a ceremony where I have the ability to move around...  With the barn behind them, I could hide in the shadows while getting really unique shots and the ability to move around on both sides let me get soooo many great shots!! It doesn't hurt that they were so precious and full of love and emotion and even some laughter. 

Samantha did all of these too...  gah.  Amazing.  And the ladies at Enchanted Details worked soooo hard to make it all come together. 

I've never seen a cooler cake (or cakes). By sugarbuzz Bakers.

The food (Simply Southern catering) was delicious!!!  She made homemade pies with fresh peaches...  insanely delicious!  I'm pestering Hope to make me one!!!

Some of my favorite reception shots...  they had a Square Dance caller!  What a great idea for getting everyone involved.  Loved it.

And....  the "get-a-way..." which consisted of being pushed down the hill by the crowd when the car wouldn't start in the uber-cold weather.  Gah, what a send off!!  it was perfect!

Sara and Jake (and your families)  thank you, thank you, thank you for having me...  its weddings like yours that helps me keep huge amounts of passion for my job season after season. xoxo  -j

{Anna & Garrett Sneak Peek}

I promised Anna and Garrett and little sneak peek before I left town on Wednesday, but just like EVERY other time I go out of town, I didn't manage to quite finish up everything.  So, here I am from the great state of New York... I brought a harddrive with me just so I could upload a few of my favorite pics for them!  I'm going to expand this post to the full wedding blog in the next week or so, but until then, here are just a couple of my favorites. {Don't worry Anna, no crying pics yet... those'll come with the next round - hehe}  

{erin & brad}

Soooo, I'm trying something new here with this blog post!  Ya know how I've been a HUGE slacker this summer when it comes to blogging?  Its mostly cause I'm a BUSY girl and blogging takes, well, darn near forever!!  However...  I am hoping that I have come up with a much easier, less time consuming way to give you a great wedding story.  Instead of storyboarding then uploading a picture at a time, I used photoshop to make one huge long storyboard, then I only have to upload ONE thing!!  OMG.  Why did I not think of this sooner!  The only big downfall is that I'm not going to be able to give my commentary in between pics... so I'll have to just tell the story at the beginning and let you guys sort it all out yourselves.  I think perhaps this is gonna be harder for me than it is for you.  Oh, how I love giving commentary.  ;) Hopefully, if you have the time you can let me know how this works and if you like having it all in one big story... 

So... meet Erin and Brad.  You might recogize them if you've been to the website lately... they are one of the couples on the homepage slideshow.  They hired me last year JUST for an engagement session.  Lucky for me, we hit it off and they called me back and invited me to shoot their wedding too!!  I honestly think I jumped up and down when we were able to nail it down, because not only are they like, the nicest people ever, they are also BEAUTIFUL and have amazing style and taste (Erin is actually the one who got me hooked on pinterest)!! I knew their wedding would be nothing short of amazing, and I was soooo right.  Plus they had the help of a fabulous planner, Meris Gantt with The Whole Shebang.

Among my favorite things for you to look for in the pics:  The invites! Brad is an uber-talented graphic designer, so he did these himself with their silhouettes.

The BEST candy table EVER!!  I LOVE how they did 'Erin's Favorite' and 'Brad's Favorite' cookies.

The DOGGIE!!!!

Their crazy-big wedding party!!  OMG!  15 groomsmen and 10 bridesmaids!  Luckily, they were seriously the most LAID-BACK folks in the world, so they were awesome to work with! And I totally loved the guy's hats and suspenders!!

I also loved the venue!  Girls in the Tri-cities area looking for a fabulous place for a wedding... the Allendale in Kingsport is not only super lovely, but also super affordable!  I almost passed out when they told me what they rented it for!  

Anywho... on to the pics!  

Thanks SOOO much Erin and Brad!  I loved being a part of it!!  ;)

{jenna and bradley}

Jenna and Bradley tied the knot back on May 8 at Dara's Garden.  My favorite ladies at One Enchanted Evening were responsible for all the lovely pink and grey details...  

I am because you are.  Big grin!

 The shoes! I couldn't resist. The bridesmaids' shoes were so sweet and precious compared to Jenna's studded pumps. So many brides hide tennis shoes, flip-flops or cowboy boots under their dresses, but not Jenna.. this girl was ALL about designer bling!

Is this girl gorgeous or WHAT???  Those EYES!  And her heart is just as big as her beauty!  Bradley's one lucky groom I have to say...

Love that little touch of Robin's egg blue on the barn wall.  


But Bradley isn't so bad himself!!  :)

Since the bride and groom didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, I used the old "reach around the door trick". It definitely got Jenna all teared up... hehe! I love the sense of mystery and anticipation captured in this moment.




Jenna and her dad are super close, and had the SWEETEST moment when they first saw each other...  NO TEARS!!!

'walking back down the aisle' pics have ALWAYS been some of my favorites!  This one is  right up there.  ;)

 You know how much I love solar flare. THIS is pure magic. It looks like a movie set.


Notice anything different??  Jenna changed dresses for the reception - a trend I've seen more and more lately.  Jenna's second dress was handmade locally and pattered off of the gown Portia De Rossi wore when she married Ellen Degeneres.  It was so beautiful on Jenna!!

I love how the colors in the barn wall play off of his grey suit and her pink dress.





and finally... On to the good stuff!!!  Dancin', cake eatin', bouquet tossin', laughin', cryin', sparklin' and just having a grand old time!

Thanks sooooo much Jenna and Bradley for sharing it with me.  xoxoxo

{caitlyn & bradley}

Adorable and fun-loving couple Caitlyn and Bradley wed on April 2, 2011.  But before the big day... they had a SUPER cute rehearsal dinner complete with a delicious spread of barbecue and a square dance and tons of toast, laughing and maybe even a few tears. You can tell these folks have no fear of cutting a rug. They were a blast! I hope the multitude of smiles in this post brighten your day. 

We took a little field trip over to West Hills Park to find some GREEN and some doggy-wood trees.  I can't tell you how happy Springtime in Tennessee makes this girl!

Caitlyn and Bradley had QUITE the wedding party!  These guys are all Young Life leaders together, so they are a super tight bunch.  Bradley and Caitlyn are spending their first year of marriage working full-time at a youth camp (and sharing a teeny-tiny little studio apartment) and lots of these guys are graduating and moving on, so this was also a really cool 'Last Hoorah" together for awhile.  Love the goofy one of Bradley.  
These next three crack me up!!  Poor little guy... Kiddos in weddings always have so much to offer in the way of entertainment.
LOVE the pic above of Caitlyn sneaking a giggle at Bradley during the ceremony.  This, my friends, is the luck of being in the right place at the right time.
WHEEEEE!!! We're married!!!

Haha... her face is priceless in this next one... DON'T YOU DARE!!  Did he?  Noooooo...  
The reception at Holston Hills Country Club was one of the most energetic I've ever seen! These ladies were ferocious in their pursuit of the coveted bouquet. 

I always take a picture of myself with the bride and groom... I have self portraits from nearly ALL of my weddings.  Anybody have any ideas on what I should do with them all??  I'm thinking wallpaper for the bedroom.  ;)
LOVE that these guys even danced down the bubble-runway!!   Thanks, Caitlyn and Bradley!

{adam and dakota}

So I was thinking last night how horrible it was of me to not do a wedding post for the oh-so-envious Valentine's Day! What was I thinking? So in that case, I am breaking all the rules! Yup yup! With that being said, here is your semi-tardi (or completely late) Manic Monday.

Back in December, I got home from shooting a super awesome wedding (weather included) and realized I had never blogged this amazing engagement session!! It is so awesome when you meet a couple and you just know that 50 years from now they will be pulling out their wedding albums and gushing over them! I absolutely love Dakota and Adam! So when I was finished with their wedding, and I hadn't had enough of them, I ran home and went back through their engagement session and found some of my fav!! So I now finally get to show you guys some of the awesomeness from their biggo day!!

I absolutely love me some winter weddings!!! White always looks so good!

Dakota was stunning in her dress. Absolutely stunning!


I love how serious Adam looks here...because he is such a goof!

Adam and Dakota were all about the first see! I really loved this one because all in all they are very traditional, but we were able to have so much fun running around to a couple of different locations to get the best shots!!! Its fun when photojournalism meets with art. 

I had big plans for Adam and Dakota's pictures! I mean, when I am given free rein of downtown, you bet you booty I am going to run around!! But first, the church they are members of was so beautiful, I thought it would be the perfect backdrop. I didn't realize that it would be a death trap.

This is Dakota cracking up at me when I fell backwards (feet over head I might add) over a light fixture in the middle of the lawn. I mean really? A light fixture? But it got this amazing laugh! 


The bridal party met us at a park to do some fun formals (and not so formals). This was a fun bunch! I am loving Adam's groomsmen with the cell phone!! He seriously cracked me up! 

Love how dramatic these two shots are!  We all know how much I love me some solar flare!!  ;)  Can you believe that these pics were taken on DECEMBER 18th???  It was actually green!!  And not TOO cold... although the bridemaids certainly stayed huddled up!

So off to go get Married!! I always love capturing the bride and her father. Especially at the moment when the maid of honor goes down the aisle and the bride and her dad are left there for just a few minutes. Its always the sweetest part of the day!

Adam and Dakota took part in an incredibly beautiful tradition during the ceremony. Feet washing is an amazing way to demonstrate the commitment they are making as husband and wife.  Everytime I am apart of this, I feel like I have seen an amazing couple give the greatest gift they could possibly give to each other. Its beyond beautiful.

After the ceremony, I believe everyone was ready to boogy and eat donuts...yup, donuts! Probably one of the best ideas yet! Who doesn't love Cinnabon and donuts...um, no one!

And as the sign says, it is bad luck. So they didn't waste anytime diggin' in!


One of the funniest moments at a wedding! Even though you may have married her daughter, Adam, you still need to watch your back!!!

Mission Accomplished; barely unscathed.

Adam and Dakota, I had such a blast with you two! Your love is one to be reckoned with! You two are the bomb-diggity!

{kristin and daniel}

Disclaimer #2: Last week's was long...this one just might even be longer!! Lets get an espresso this time around!

Kristin and Daniel!! I absolutely love these guys!! Kristin is wonderful; I just couldn't get enough of her all day! Talk about easy going! Nothing went wrong on her day and I think so much of it had to do with her attitude! Ugh...Love this girl! So lets get started. Kristin and Daniel got hitched out at the Museum of Appalachia. LOVE this place in the fall!!

One super awesome part about the Museum is that you can rent cabins that are right up behind it. Therefore, your "getting ready" pictures can completely fall in theme as everything else! Whoo hoo for consistency!

Oh man, oh man...look at those brown beauties!!

Lets show off some more cowboy boots...can't get enough of them!

Now onto the beaus! Kristin and Daniel decided to not see eachother before the ceremony so I took the guys out back! And oh did we have some fun! Daniel restored his grandfather's Scout (oh the year escapes me...bring out the pitchforks) and wanted to make sure it was featured! I was told it wasn't a "car" it was a "Scout"; so I will be sure to refer to it as just that! Yup, thats Daniel's Grandfather sitting in the driver's seat!

Ok, so its wedding time! I love love love the details that Kristin had spread all throughout the ceremony and reception! Especially that bucket of lavender...my fav! Its the smallest things that really add so much! Oh and the peacocks come standard with the Museum! :)

This broom cracks me up! The story behind it is that apparently in the olden days, couples used to jump over a broom in order to seal the marriage. I am not exactly sure of the reason behind this (which I am now going to go look up) but this broom was highly protected all day. It seemed to pop up in the most random places and always wanted to be in pictures! Just cracks me up to think about it!

Oh you bet I did!! I can't resist climbing in the back of a Scout when given the chance!

Boy oh Boy!! Look at this girl! She's beautiful! Makes my job so easy!

Love how old timey this here picture is! 

Heading in for the party! Again, I just love the details! Ball mason jars will always and forever be a hit in my book! They are just so awesome...and I can't get enough burlap! 

Perhaps my favorite first dance pictures ever! And I mean that 100%! 

Kristin was previously in the army, so of course her army buddies were there to dance, perhaps drink, and be merry! However, things took an ugly turn when they could not accurately do the YMCA. Kristin wanted them to drop and give her 20!

Kristin and Daniel, you too are beyond awesome! I had so much fun with you guys and wish we could do it again every year! LOL!


{nicole and michael}

Readers beware: This just may have been the hardest/worst blog ever! Why you ask? Because I simply could not narrow down the awesomeness! Seriously, I just kept adding and adding; therefore, grab a cup of coffee, a blanket, some tunes and hunker down for the night. This might take a while! 

Let me start this off with saying that Nicole has fantastic taste!!! She knew what she was doing; her dress and accessories matched not only her and Michael's personality, but also the venue, which is not an easy task! OH and Nicole created a fantastic blog that documented her entire wedding process; the good, the bad and the...well, the creative! It is fantastic! Definitely check it out The Plunge Project. She is still doing awesome give-a-ways!!

I love these next two! Not only are they so much fun...but she didn't move an inch! I just ran on top of the bed and snapped away!! 

These are actually two seperate pictures...but I thought both of them showed the bridesmaids' personalities so well!!! Love how they are holding their flasks differently and how their shoes are so vastly different!!! 

I love getting those shots that the bride and groom want. Now, Nicole and Michael didn't want formal pictures, so here is my spin on formal. We all know that in 20 years, you are probably going to want the formal pictures so we always do them...however, I love throwing in some fun too! 

Now, if I can help it, I try and do as little of running around as I can (but that doesn't always work). Here is a perfect example of it working though! These two pictures were probably taken within 20 ft of eachother...we just ran up the steps in the second one!

Nicole and Michael chose to get married at the amazing L&N Station in downtown Knoxville. Its fantastic for details!!

Now, onto the fellas! Michael was so much fun! He literally put all his trust in me and just wanted to have fun...so of course I could't let him down!

Hahahaha....I still laugh when I see these next ones! Look at that longing look on Michael's face to his groomsman and look a those BARE ankles!!! Scandalous!!

We walked on over to the playground (because what group of boys can't resist a playground). After we met back up with Nicole before the ceremony she said that she actually saw us down there with the guys and was jealous...she wanted a picture like this one too!

But girls in dresses, flying around...probably not the best idea!

Now, I normally never blog family pictures, but I couldn't pass these up. Like I said earlier, Nicole and Michael didn't want super formal pictures and these are some of my favorite of capturing the bonds between their families!

It was so cute to see how adamant Michael was about not seeing Nicole before the wedding; usually its the other way around. So onto the ceremony we went. Now, this is one of my all-time favorite captures. When all eyes are on the bride for the first time, I always try and get the groom...that picture always speaks volumes!


Hooray for couples pictures!! These are some of my favorites (if not absolute favorites) all season!

One for me, because I love it so stinking much!



Not only was it freezing, but Nicole and Michael were ready to see all their guests and so were we! Everything was kicked off with the toasts, then onto the cake cutting...EPIC! There must be something about the L&N and the cake cutting, its always fantastic!

Michael and Nicole have awesome taste in music...some I have never heard at a wedding which just made it even more them! Their guests (including Grandma) had a trip dancing!!!

Nicole and Michael, I don't know if I have ever had so much fun with a couple on this entire voyage we call a wedding!! Your engagement pictures are some of my favorites and now your wedding pictures are too...that just speaks volumes to how great your guys are and how easy it is to capture your love (soooo cheesy, but so true)! Love you two!

{mandy and hunt}

Hello my friends!!! I hope you guys are getting pumped for Christmas!! I sure am! Anyway, I wanted to share a fantastic wedding that I had earlier this fall out in North Carolina! Lets talk about a picturesque backdrop! It was stunning...and some of the best weather! So, without further adieu, here are Mandy and Hunt...the best smiles ever!!

I love love love taking pictures of the bride getting ready! Sometimes its so hectic and crazy, but every now and then you get a bride like Mandy who just completely goes with the flow!!

So due to crazy traffic, we weren't able to go to the original spot we wanted to for the first see...however, you would be surprised what you can be given instead...a white porch and a beautiful tree always are fantastic!!! This is why we just roll with the wedding day punches!

Mandy might have been having just a little bit too much fun....but thats what I LOVE!!!

Once we got to our location, I had so much to work with...this little stairway just popped out of nowhere and wanted its debut! I would say it complimented Mandy and Hunt perfectly!

Once we got to the church out on Lake Junaluska...I almost had a heart attack when I saw what I got to work with. Lets just say, the quiantest, little church with the best backdrop EvEr!!!

This made me giggle!

So from ceremony...to reception!!


Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Mandy and Hunt opted out and went with the most scrumdiddleuptious apple pies from Haney's! Apparently they are famous...and I now know why! I might have maddoff with 2 of them! YUMMY!

Mandy and Hunt, I had such a blast tromping around Lake Junaluska with you two!!! And I now have a favorite apple pie! Send me some! :big smile: