{kate moore: graphic designer extraordinaire}

So, y'all.  I am SO flipping excited to share these pics with you and tell you all about my dear friend Kate. For those of you who don't know her, she shares my office downtown.  Kate is an AMAZING graphic designer who specializes in branding and also creates the most lovely, fun and creative wedding invitation designs EVER.  She needed some images for her new ROCKING website  (which you should totally check out), so we decided on this fun, funky urban vibe just perfect for her.  Kate is funny, sweet, has killer style, and is seriously one of the most beautiful people you could ever meet, inside AND out.  Seriously, everyone I introduce her to falls head over heels in love with her.  And I'm sure you will too... just through these pics.

Now about the shoot...  honest to goodness, this is about the most fun I've had shooting in like, forever. My goal was to keep moving for the entire hour shoot.  We started it off with a couple glasses of wine (liquid courage for Kate and creative juice for me - haha)... then we ran, we laughed, we jumped, we walked backwards, then forwards, we sang and we chased the last of the sunlight right to the horizon.  And the final product... I'm just in love. I hope you are too... if so, leave her a little love note in the comments.  ;) 


{kelley & matt}

If you get simple beauty, and naught else, you get about the best of what God invents.  - Robert Browning    

I absolutely adore this wedding from February that is chock-full of simple beauty.  From her lovely white flowers (by the ever-talented Lisa Foster) down to her sweet sparkly shoes, every last detail was perfect... and they also might just be some of the most lovely people I've ever shot.  Just look for the photo of him hugging her after the first look... you'll see what I mean.  xoxo

{jessica & shea, destination: morada bay}

You cannot possibly begin to imagine how EXCITED I am to share this wedding.  From the amazing venues {Postcard Inn and Morada Bay in Islamorada, Florida} to the most gorgeous {not to mention laid-back, in LOVE and super FUN} couple EVER, to the rockin' reception and their hilarious friends {panty-raid, anyone??}, I can't even believe my luck at getting to shoot their wedding.  We literally are in love with every photo and hope you are too!  So, make yourself a fruity cocktail, imagine that your toes are in the sand and let yourself forget the yucky winter weather we've had while you enjoy the eye candy that is about to commence. 

hahahahaha.... boys will be boys.

{anna & chris}

I'm so happy to get to share this wedding...  for so many reasons!  Not only are Anna and Chris two of my FAVORITE people I've ever met on this crazy journey as a photographer, but I feel SO lucky that I even got to meet them and share in their wedding.  I won't bore you with the crazy details, but I wasn't their original wedding photographer.  But clearly, it was meant to be and by an amazing twist of fate, these two simply fell in my lap!  And boy, oh, boy I'm so glad that they did.  We just hit it off immediately and I knew from the first phone chat that we were going to not only have a blast working together, but that we would be forever friends.  They got married in Rome, GA in Anna's church with the reception in her family's backyard.  Every detail was just perfect {thanks to the fabulous Holly Lynch with The Season}, the day was SUPER emotional and sweet, the bride is a BOMBSHELL and the reception was a BLAST!  What more could a photographer ask for? OKOK... I'm going to quit gushing now and let you just see for yourselves!



{winner, winner, chicken dinner}

Its FINALLY time to announce the winners of the 10 canvas give-a-way!!  OMGeeee we had a good time looking through the entries and reliving the last 10 years.  Before I give the names, I want to share a few of my favorites of YOUR favorite moments:  {PLEASE excuse the resolution on a few of these! I didn't have the original files within easy access, so I had to post the compressed ones}  ;)

Here's my fair warning:  You definitely may need your hankie for a couple of these!!

If this doesn't make you a little warm in your chest, I don't know what would... Bennett wrote about this bridal shot of Cassie:

"The majority of life's moments are really rather mundane, trivial even. The decisions that happen in those moments are often rather, sadly, equally insignificant: Tall or Vente? An extra lump of sugar? What novel will it be THIS vacation? As if any of it really adds up to much in the end.  

And then there is that moment. That moment when every decision within that split second sums up the whole of everything you are, everything you've worked for, longed for, and...

 In a moment, the moment is gone. But it is seared into your being, now. And, perhaps as a matter of grace or sheer luck, becomes a new source power and hope through which everything else in life gains it's significance and becomes, nearly, holy."


You may recognize this sweet family from lots of blogs.  We are getting ready to celebrate Nora's 4 year birthday!!  A HUGE day for this family, and I can't believe she is growing up SO FAST!!

"I am submitting one of my very favorite photos when Nora was 18 months old.  This and every picture of our family is special to me because we never that the time will come when Nora will no longer be with us.  Your photos are beautiful and will forever be cherished."  


LOVE THIS one from back in 2009... "{This photo} is my favorite because it shows a side of my husband Jeremy most people don't get to see. Jeremy deployed to Iraq 3 weeks after we got married. He is as Army guy through and through and has that tough exterior. He is a true softie at heart and I see that side of him all the time but the rest of the world does not. To me this photo captures his sweetness and I love that." 


"This is my favorite photo from our wedding day. I love the lighting and style, but most of all I love that it reminds me the way that Lucas hugs me all the time. He'll sneak up behind me and wrap his arms around me. This was also the only time during our reception that we were able to spend one-on-one time with each other too, a time that I will always cherish."


"You shot our wedding over 2 years ago and we still look at the CDs all the time. Every time we look at our album or the images, this one stands out everytime as my highlight from the whole day. Oscar and I were already elated about the whole getting married thing, but when he surprised me with George (the Santa monkey) it was the first time I cried the whole afternoon.

George the monkey was given to me when I was 13 and found out that my father was sick. My dad died holding George's hand so growing up whenever I held George's hand I felt like I was holding my dad's. Silly perhaps, but it was very soothing when I was emotional. When my niece was born I passed George on to her, moving to Texas and away from George...

Oscar and my sister are sneaky, but usually I can figure out what they are up to. He was SO PROUD when he was able to surprise me he still brags about it!

 It was set up perfectly... I wanted to get a certain shot (staged but perfect) of us holding hands "pre-wedding." So we go around the corner, I hold out my hand, and to my surprise it was a small, furry red glove that I was holding instead of my husband's hand...

George being there for that special moment was like my dad holding my hand just when I needed it. This shot captures my emotion, Oscar's pride in himself :) and George... and that makes me happy!"


"If I HAD to chose, I would chose the pic where our momma's are looking at each other with pure emotion, overwhelming joy, excitement, genuine happiness, and maybe even relief that the wedding finally occurred (ha!), and it sums up the wedding perfectly.  And they look like real hot moms. {Jennie here:hahahahahahaha}  Knowing our mothers were that happy after the moment we were married is such a wonderful feeling that we are grateful was captured like it was."


"There are soooo many reasons this pic and our engagement pics mean so much to Michael and I. For starters having someone who I have known for years and who is not only an unbelievable photographer but also an incredible friend is a pretty awesome blessing. Especially since she already knows my crazy style and princess probz! :) Thank goodness I didn't have to explain that to a stranger! ;) But also for the 13 years...(yep 13 long, wonderful years) Michael and I have been together we have never missed a date to the Tennessee Valley Fair!! As a matter of fact one of our very first dates was at this very same place and I remember like it was yesterday.....the funky smell in the air, fireworks in the sky, sticky candy apple on our hands, and love in our eyes!! He had me at.....Demolition Derby Baby!!! Nothing like having no clue what you're gettin yourself into and wearing your cutest outfit of course and sitting on the front row and the first 2 cars smacking in front of you slinging mud into your eyes, hair, nose....Thank goodness I loved him cause I could've killed him! But of course I couldn't let a lil dirt get me down and we've gone back year after year and still laugh to this day.....so I couldn't of dreamed of a better place then the fair for our engagement pics.......for this is the place where memories were made and laughs were shared. My favorite picture from the shoot is this one....I get a warm butterfly feeling in my tummy when I look at it....its perfect from the lighting, to the kiss.....it simply shows how in LOVE we are...despite how hard it was to kiss on a moving horse or how many people were staring at us....Because at that point and time....nothing else mattered, time stood still!!!"


And now... for the list of winners...

{if you are listed, simply send me an email with your choice of image and your mailing address and I'll get them ordered asap!!}  Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted!  I wish I could've shared them all!!

 1.Bennett Giles

2.Kristi Laube

3. Samantha Boldin

4. Dakota Montgomery

5. Amanda Rowland

6. Tawny Plate

7. Trevor Cox

8. Renee Dial

9. Jaime Gooden

10. Adam Minner

{contest winners}

OMG!!  I'm sitting here in my office watching it snow and so, so excited to post the winners of this give-a-way!  I'm also excited to share some of the super sweet writings and poems that you guys shared!

Lets start with the haikus and poems.

Here are a few of my favorites:

**By Bennett Giles:

Light that is my wife.

What is this world we made here–

What now? you whisper.


**And from Kayla Hyder:  


Pictures, Pictures 4×6.  

They're nice to look at while you sit.

Pictures, Pictures 5×7.                        

Will be something to cherish when we're gone to Heaven.                       

Pictures, Pictures 8×10.

Love sharing them with friends.       

Pictures, Pictures 16×24.                   

My fav thing to see when I walk through my front door.                      

Pictures, Pictures I love them if you can't tell, please pick me for your mini sesh

because what I really love is having them taken from the BEST!!! 


I have to say that some of my very favorites were ones people wrote to win a session for someone else!!

**One of my awesome brides wrote this super cute one for her Stepson who is starting college soon...

University of Tennessee

Congratulations Taylor!

College here we come!


**And Heather wrote this super cute haiku for her sister:

One two three smile cheese, 

baby nephew needs captured, 

great gift for sister.


**I also thought this one was funny from Andi:

This actress is poor,

and I'm not too proud to beg,

oh please shoot my head.


**This one from Chrissy Eastridge took some serious work:

Congrats on ten years!

Must really be nice—

To look back with love

At still frames of life.


You’ve captured the moments

That people hold dear—

The smiles, the hugs, 

And sometimes, the tears.


Our story is special

Give us a chance, you’ll see—

Why Wesley and I’d

Like a session, for free :)


We’re starting out married life

Next Saturday—

A covenant, a promise

To love, always.


Let’s document our first year

Of married bliss—

To miss out on your art 

Would be truly remiss.


We need you, Jennie

To record these memories—

Can you help with our story?

Pretty, pretty, please?


**and one more before I announce the winners from Lisa Smith:

Photos are neat-o, 

Jennie and Nikon really

have so much swag-o.       


So... obviously, I had to choose the winners randomly, because how in the world else would I narrow it down?!??!?  The 3 winners of mini-sessions are.......

Shana Sparks-Beckett

Heather Wolfe 


Amanda McNulty

YAY!!  So... if you are a winner, it is up to YOU to get with me to schedule your session!  You can do it any time this year, but I'd LOVE for you to wait until we have some flowers on the ground and leaves on the trees.  ;)  ENOUGH of this dreary winter weather!!  

Check back tomorrow for the canvas winners and some favorites from the last 10 years.






{adam and megan } :first look:

I CANNOT WAIT until next week when I get to share some of my favorites from my 10 year anniversary contest!!  Until then, this post was inspired by one of the entries.  We are LOVE with these first-look photos.  I thought I'd share Adam and Megan's entry and take it a little further and share the whole first look along with a few of my favorites from their pre-wedding photos.  My clients know I'm a BIG believer in a first look making the wedding day SO much more relaxed and fun and I think this is just perfect to show how romantic and sweet having a few stolen moments at the beginning of the day can be. And, besides, aren't the best things always shared and the best days spent together?

Here's what Adam wrote and the photo they submitted: 

 Much like you, we are obsessed with the our first look photos.  We particularly love this picture because it describes us perfectly.  You can tell we are completely absorbed in the moment and each other, and nothing else seemed to matter.  Actually, in this picture we were praying and we think its a good reminder to us that, much like God created that beautiful scenery, he also created this marriage. Even being caught up in a important day like that, where you are worried about details and everything going smoothy, this picture reminds us we are each others first priority on this earth and we don't ever want to forget to stop and pray.



And here is the rest of the first look.  

Oooooohhhh Nooooo!!!

I just discovered I've had some email trouble this week and if you filled out a client contact form or sent an email to the jennie@jennieandrewsphoto.com account since Monday, you might want to try it again! Darn technology!!  I apologize for any trouble!!


**  UPDATE!  Still taking entries through the 10th of January, so you still have a bit of time to get them in!  Can't WAIT to share some of my favorites.  ;)


So, the world is still turning and it is time to CELEBRATE!!  Lets start off with WHO these folks are and what they've got to do with the reason for the big celebration...

Meet Roman, Tracy and their new Baby Oskar.  10 years ago today I was shooting their wedding!!  CUH-RAZY!!!!   We got together last week to snap a few anniversary/new baby photos to celebrate their ten years together!  Why them?  Because their anniversary is also MY ANNIVERSARY!!  The 10 year anniversary of my first wedding shoot ever!  Goodness gracious, time FLIES when you are having fun!  10 years, hundreds of AMAZING clients, literally millions of photographs, lots of love, a ton of laughs {and more than a few tears} later, it is DEFINITELY time to celebrate and give thanks for all of you who have given me the honor of making a living by living my dream.  I am one blessed gal.  So... to say THANK YOU...

Thats right!   I'm giving away TEN 16x20 canvases and 3 mini sessions to celebrate!  


Here's how to enter:


To win a canvas:  Between now and January 5, 2013, if I have EVER taken your photo, email me your favorite picture and tell me why it is your favorite or what it means to you.  I will share some of my favorites on the blog after the New Year and then from all of the entries, I'll draw 10 random winners.  Winners can choose to have that photo or ANY photo I've taken for their canvas.  So, get ON IT!!!  You know you want to win this!!


To win a 30 minute mini-session (love, engagement or family) with 50 files on a disc, submit a haiku or poem (that's right, I said haiku - google it, its not that hard) about why you want a session.  Must be submitted to jennie@jennieandrewsphoto.com by January 5, 2013.  I'm going to share some of those too and pick 3 winners for a mini-session in the spring.  

Have a HAPPY, MERRY, CHEERFUL and FESTIVE holiday and THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU for the love, support and joy you have each brought me!


The Olivia Act

Happy Wednesday y'all.  I just want to share a little something cool with you today.  I struggle daily with how and what to give of myself on a regular basis, and then something happens that nudges me into action, that reminds me that I DO have valuable gifts to give.  Today, I'm grateful for the Olivia Act, which reminded me that what I (and other photographers) do means so much to so many people. When I read today about the Olivia Act, I knew immediately I'd be part of it.  

The Olivia Act, named after one of the children killed in Newtown, was started by a photographer who wishes to be anonymous. Olivia’s family had family pictures taken a short time before she was killed. Those pictures are precious and now priceless to them. Upon hearing this, this photographer was moved to give away a 30 minute family photo shoot and has challenged other photographers to do the same. 

I will be taking nominations for a family who you think would appreciate this gift. This session will take place after the New Year. I will be taking Nominations until January 5. Please email their name, contact information and a brief summary of why you chose them to: Jennie@jennieandrewsphoto.com putting “THE OLIVIA ACT NOMINATION” in the subject line. The chosen family will be contacted via email or phone call.   And for all of my photographer friends, I hope that you do the same.  much love, jennie



OMG.  Let's just talk for a second about how much I ADORE this family - Erin, Brad and Panzer just simply rock.  They wanted to mark their one year anniversary by doing a 'dog washing session.'  This was TOTALLY Erin's idea, and in this world where nothing is original, I think this is as close as it gets.  Eek!  Anyhow... hope you enjoy this session filled with love and fun and bubbles!!!  ;)

{kayla & michael}

Goodness, gracious... I can't think of anything more fun than a day at the fair.  I'm going back a couple of months for this one, but I just couldn't let another week go by without sharing it.  I've known Kayla for YEARS!  I mean, we go way, way back.  So, naturally, I was SO EXCITED when she asked me to shoot her wedding next year and to do her engagement photos this fall.  First thing you should know... Kayla has amazing style.  The girl doesn't leave the house without perfect hair, flawless makeup and adorable clothes.  Which makes her so much fun to shoot (well, that and her slightly dramatic nature).  ;)  Second, when they asked me if I'd mind shooting at the fair, I jumped up and down!  I love shooting the fair... with all of its colors, smells, quirky people and tasty food, it's sensory overload!  And I can't help it... i just LOVE photos with other people in them.  Just makes a shoot feel so romantic, like, who cares about all these other folks?... I choose YOU... over and over and over, I'd still choose YOU.   xoxo

{caitlin & mckay}

I am SO FLIPPING excited to share this wedding.  I don't know if its the beach, or the super fun couple, or that the stars just aligned (probably a bit of all three), but this was one AMAZING wedding weekend. Caitlin and McKay are close friends of one of my favorite couples ever (who, fyi, will be back on the blog next week), and though they are from North Carolina and were getting married at Wrightsville Beach, invited me to shoot their wedding.  I was stoked!  Not only are they uber cool, laid back and so fun to be around, they are also adorable.  I love the wedding day pics so much, but even more, I LOVE the day after shoot... where they were able to really relax and just be totally themselves... and totally in LOVE.  <3

Lordy mercy... Caitlin's parents were just the cutest things...

this, my friends, says 'true love' more than a dozen red roses ever could...

I just love, love these walk-down-the-aisle pics...  They both started tearing up a little, so they both broke into giggles...  awwwww.

and now... for my favorite part...

I love that we pulled out their surfboards.  They both surf since they just live a few hours from the coast...

A photographer friend of mine out in Colorado (Steve Z Photography) coined the term 'sport the dress.'  I think this might be an appropriate use of that term!  ;)

And THANK YOU BOTH for having me there!!  xoxo  Jennie


Another sweet #whatwe'reworkingonwednesday for you... this one featuring Trevor and Lindsay and the awesomeness of downtown K-town.  Lindsay is absolutely LOVELY and I so enjoyed shooting them.  They gave me tons of time for 'couple' shots and that just makes it so much fun!!

These next four shots are from Alli.  I'm honestly OBSESSED with the light in them.  PS I think this is my absolute FAVORITE church to shoot in Knoxville.  Its Holy Ghost Catholic Church over off of Central Ave in Happy Holler.

Love these... Lindsay used to live in that building behind them.  

And I HAD to finish this one off with some of their hilarious and oh, so fun dancin' shots from the reception at the Crowne Plaza...

Thanks y'all!!  Soooo fun!

{cassie & bennett - part deux}

You may remember Cassie and Bennett from a few posts back.  They had the super lovely backyard wedding back in June.  Well... now we would like to share the rest of their celebration.  They threw an amazing carnival-themed party complete with homemade ice cream, a vintage games area, adorable mismatched {and colorful} seating and one heck of a fun band!  I just love, love, love this family for so many reasons... their sweet hearts, their amazing sense of style and creativity, their oh, so fun personalities and their mad party-planning skills.

Amazing vendors include:

Planning: One Enchanted Evening

Caterer and Pies:  Simply Southern Catering

Tent and Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals

Seating:  Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals

Invitations and Signage: Kate Moore Creative

Band: The Pop Rocks



And just in case you missed their super-fun photobooth video... here it is again!!  Just too fun not to share twice.  ;)

Cassie and Bennett from Jennie Andrews on Vimeo.


Here we go!!  The latest installment of our weekly peek onto our computers and into our current edit sessions.  So, this week, we are sharing just a few from Ward and Judy's wedding we shot back at the end of August.  We've got a bit of a theme for this one.  Ward's dad had this AMAZING Thunderbird restored and they got to drive it from the church to the reception.  Well, naturally, I fell plumb in love.  Are you KIDDING??  An aqua vintage Thunderbird??  Seriously, my dream car!  So, I decided to share a bunch of the photos I took with the car.  Some of them are while driving down Kingston Pike (I really, really hope my mom doesn't read this... I'll definitely be getting a lecture about safe driving if she does!) and those are my uber-favorites!!  I also wanted to share a few from the end of the night.  Ward and Judy's get-away vehicle was his ski boat... so I took a few shots of them on the boat downtown and then met them back at their house to finish up on the docks.  Judy, I SWEAR I took photos not involving modes of transportation, these were just too awesome not to blog.  ;) -J

{shea & cody}

Whew!!!  This is one big ole post!  We're taking on the whole experience with this one... All the way from the super sweet and funny rehearsal dinner through the crazy dance-feat of a reception to the oh-so-amazing glow stick exit.  I'm totally going to tell the story of this whole day tomorrow because there are just so many things I love... From the design by Whimsicsl Gatherings to the private communion after the ceremony, but first, I'm just going to give you the chance to take it all in... And I'm going to get some much needed rest!  (excuse typos on this one folks... I'm posting via iPad!)

{anna & chris}

Okay, I am SUPER excited to share this sweet, fun engagement session with you all! It was shot in Georgia in their old neighborhood --the neighborhood where they met while Anna was out walking the pup! How adorable! And I am even MORE excited to head down there this weekend and shoot their wedding!!! Enjoy! :)

HA! Gotta love a girl who doesn't take herself too seriously ;)

So, I love these two shots!  My good friend Rebecca came along to keep me company on the drive (and make a little pit stop at H&M) and I let her play around with my spare camera during the shoot.  She took these two beauties (and girl has never shot before)!!  Beginner's luck??  Who knows!  I just know these are GREAT!!
YAY! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!! :)