{welcome funky friday}

So, I have decided to make a switcharoo on the old bloggy! Instead of Frugal Fridays, I've decided to send in a sub - meet FuNkY Fridays!!!! Etsy has some of the best wedding finds out there (some frugal, and some not so much) so from now on I am going to post finds for every bride's budget, no matter what it may be!! Whoo hoo!!!

So this week's theme is going to be "All About the Cake"! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!! Seriously, what wedding is complete without cake...or cupcakes as the new trend is! I found some of the cutest cake toppers and cake stands out there and want to share! So make sure you have a napkin near by because your mouth might start to water thinking about all the goodies!

  Autumn Perfect Cake Toppers


Perfect Pair Cake Toppers


Love Angel Wedding Cake Toppers 


Are those not some of the cutest cake toppers you've seen? One of my beautiful brides found the Love Angels and had them custom made for her and her Marine! Absolutely beautiful!

Next up, cake stands. Some are funky, rustic and just beautiful!

Chalkboard Dessert Pedestal


Tree Slice Cake Stand

 And for something a little more traditional and va-va-voom...

Laurel Wedding Cake Stand

I had WAY too much fun with this post...next week might be a little toned down...or not! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!