{finally! funky friday}

Considering how utterly crazy this week has been—weather, power outages, tree down in yard, cross-continental travel—I didn't think I'd I get around to a {funky friday} post for you lovely people, BUT I do have some nifty things to share from my beloved etsy. In times of trouble, this wonderful showcase of creativity soothes me. 

Being on the islands has me in a nautical state of mind. Back in the '80s, nautical was very in and very preppy. Now that it's coming back, I'm not sure what to think...except that I like its retro appeal and a little touch is just right. 


Clockwise from top: The brass charm necklace with anchor and captain's wheel is simple and charming, while the Steampunk Octopus fearlessly shouts that you might have read Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea more than a few times..and aren't afraid to admit it. The monogramed sterling silver anchor charm is a nice twist on the always-classic initial pendant. And my favorite has to be the cameo-style anchor necklace, which is so romantic. It makes me think of ladies pacing the Widow's Walk, waiting for their sailors, lost at sea, to return home. Yeah, so the salty air must have gone straight to my brain. If I start talking like a Pirate, someone come get me. 

{rustic funky friday}

So, since we live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, with the Appalachian Mountains in our backyard, its only natural that we have some of the best rustic weddings around! Etsy is one of the best places to find some really one-of-a-kind items and again this week I just couldn't help myself!!!

How adorable is this? No more satin pillows...lets go burlap!

Burlap Ring Pillow

And how awesome are these? I have a deep love for Mason Jars so my heart might have done a little dance when I saw these!! 

Mason Jars Lanterns

And lastly, I am in love with shrugs at the present. Maybe its the weather, but I think that they are perfect for Spring and Fall weddings. They just add so much more detail!! And I definitely feel like it gives it that beautiful, graceful, rustic feel! Love me some shrugs!

Ivory Crochet Shrug

Be ready next week for something other than just Funky Friday!! I promise!!

{a bridesmaid's funky friday}

Happy Friday to all my friends, brides (both past, present and future)! You all have been so fabulous this last year and I am so happy with how things are shaping up in 2011! Just thought I should let yall know!

Anyhoo, I had run into some roadblocks in trying to come up with something fun for Funky Friday this week! (I almost felt like I couldn't top the Its all about the Shoe Funky Friday but I am loving these beautiful handmade finds! Have I mentioned my love affair with Etsy?! Really and truly, its amazing!

These are beautiful for those winter or even spring weddings, when the weather is crazy and you never know if its going to be 36 degrees or 63 (as is evidence of this last week of weather!)

Crocheted Shaws

Or what about this super cute and vibrant bridesmaid dress? 

Cotton Bridesmaid Dress


Or what about these adorable clips? They can be made into hair clips or added to satin and be the cutest sash to have strutted down the aisle!

Peacock Feather Hairpieces

So if you feel like ditching the bridal salon and want to go the handmade route...Etsy is where you shall visit!!


{funky green friday}

Happy rainy Friday everyone! I was purusing Etsy and realized I hadn't done Funky Friday in some time! :Shame on me: So here are a couple of really fun favors I found and an added bonus is these are green favors!! No, not the color; they are either vegan or use recyclable materials! Go us for being GREEN!!

Now this may look like yummy candy, but in fact it is Vegan Soap!! How cool is that?

And these Custom Bookmarks are some of my all-time favorites!! I have NEVER seen these before!!

 And these Fragrant Sachets make for super cute table settings!


{its all about the shoe funky friday}

OH how I have missed you guys! So lets just say, life and business has been crazy lately! I know you all are probably so sick of hearing that, but its so very true! My "break" is actually writing this blog! haha! So, since things are crazy hectic (getting ready for Premier Bridal Show on Sunday, January 9) this will be a short little blip, but is probably some of my favorite Etsy finds to date!! And thats saying a LOT!!

So brides are trying to be unique every chance they get. Nobody wants a cookie cutter wedding anymore! So here are some things for your tootsies that will definitely make people ask you to pull up your skirt...to view those shoes of course! :)

For a little bit of the traditional bride

Chiffon Beaded Clips


More for of the funky brides!

Peacock Shoe Clips

And finally, something that can go super traditional and classy or crazy funky and wacky!

Remember to check out these seller's pages to see all the different selections that are out there. All I did was simply type in "Shoes" in the search field under weddings and Voila!! 

{ecclectic funky friday}

Happy Friday everyone!!! So this week has been fantastic! I've gotten so much work done (which is why the blog has been a little bit neglected) and I am seriously getting in the Christmas Spirit!! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving...I know I did.

When I jumped on Etsy this morning...I came across so many finds that I just fell in love with or thought they were so much fun! I know some of these might be repeats...but I just couldn't pass them up! So, instead of having a theme this week, lets get a little bit ecclectic! Hope you enjoy!!

Super super cute, bridesmaids clutches!

Upstyle Clutches

Probably the Most PeRfEcT Groomsmen gift I have ever come across!!

Personalized Groomsmen Capcatcher

And super super super adorable cake toppers!

  Hand Blown Glass Wedding Cake Topper

 I hope you guys enjoyed the funkiness for this week! Let me know if you find any super fun Etsy finds. Shoot me an email or a shoutout on my Jennie Andrews Photography Facebook Page! Have a great weekend and see you guys next week!

{etsy in bloom}

Happy Friday everyone!! Its almost Turkey Day so before the family rolls in (or you roll out) check out these super fun finds from Etsy!! Flowers are always one of my favorite aspects about a wedding, however, doing a fun spin on them will make your day even more unique!! And isn't that what every bride wants?!

I definitely see this being for more of a FuNkY bride...just think of the endless possibilities of PaPeR!!

Custom Flower Bouquet

Or maybe you are looking for something really elegant and something that will last for YEARS?! 

Rosebud Bouquet


Chiffon Bouquet


And maybe even a little something funky for those bridesmaids! Now I have seen these as decorations...but just think how cute and fun these would be walking down the isle?!?

Pon Pom Bouquets

 I will see you guys next week for an extra special post that I am just so excited about!!!

{Tawny's Funky friday}

Hey ladies...and maybe some gents! Happy Friday! Hope you guys are enjoying the oh-so-beautiful weather...or at least get to at sometime this weekend! Lets kick it off with some finds from Etsy! I posted on Phot Tuesday a picture of Tawny and Jeremy and their oh-so-crafty "Bride and Groom" Burlap Banners! Tawny had a field day on Etsy and her wedding so so incredibly adorable and fun! So this week's FuNkY FrIdAy is totally inspired by Tawny and her spectacular finds!!

Bride and Groom Banner

Rustic Wood Place Card Holders

Tawny had a cute idea since her wedding was at the end of September and in the middle of the day (we know how crazy unpredictable our weather is here in East TN so sweating was a possibility). She gave her guests folding fans and really cute hankerchiefs so they stay comfortable while she and Jeremy said their "I Do's"! A great thing to do for your guests so they can enjoy the ceremony as much as you!!

  Love Bird Folding Fans

  Custom Printed Hankies

There is SO much more I wish I could post...but I want to save them for later!! Make sure you check back next week for more FuNkY FrIdAy finds and what's going on with me and Phot!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

{a bun in the oven and an etsy "i do"}

Hey peepers!!! Phot and I wanted to drop in and show you some goodies!!!

Probably my FaVoRiTe picture in quite a while!!! This one makes my toes dance, my belly flutter, my nose crinkle and my heart race!! I am in love with it as much as I know Angela and Will are with their little tater tot!

AND to probably the most handy-dandy bride I have had all season!!! I kept asking her "Tawny, where did you get this?" and the reply was almost always, "Etsy!!" So guess what?!? Check back on Friday for a couple of finds that Tawny had from her big wedding day! Aren't those flags awesome?! Oh and The Love Angel Wedding Cake Toppers from 2 Fridays back...totally Tawny!

 Happy Phot Tuesday!!

{funky friday for bridesmaids}

Happy Friday morning everyone!!! This has definitely been a week that calls for a big ol' TGIF!!! Talk about craziness! However, Fridays always bring happiness and fun fun fun finds from Etsy!!! This week, I thought we should focus on that gaggle of gals that we have with us on our BIG day! It always amazes me how much bridesmaids help out and all the things they bend over backwards to make the bride's day go as smoothly as possible! I believe they deserve a special little something!!

How super cute are these for the big day? I think they are just too adorable for your bridesmaids to sport around!

Cutting the Cake Bobby Pins

  Pocket Mirrors

These are one of the best present I have seen in a while!! Most gifts you can only use for the day of the wedding...but these makeup brush holders are perfect for traveling! I just might have to put in an order today!! And they come in a pack of 5...perfect for those wedding parties!

Makeup Brush Rolls

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather that is supposed to show up! Awesome weather makes me happy...especially when there's a wedding! Cheers!


{welcome funky friday}

So, I have decided to make a switcharoo on the old bloggy! Instead of Frugal Fridays, I've decided to send in a sub - meet FuNkY Fridays!!!! Etsy has some of the best wedding finds out there (some frugal, and some not so much) so from now on I am going to post finds for every bride's budget, no matter what it may be!! Whoo hoo!!!

So this week's theme is going to be "All About the Cake"! Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum!!! Seriously, what wedding is complete without cake...or cupcakes as the new trend is! I found some of the cutest cake toppers and cake stands out there and want to share! So make sure you have a napkin near by because your mouth might start to water thinking about all the goodies!

  Autumn Perfect Cake Toppers


Perfect Pair Cake Toppers


Love Angel Wedding Cake Toppers 


Are those not some of the cutest cake toppers you've seen? One of my beautiful brides found the Love Angels and had them custom made for her and her Marine! Absolutely beautiful!

Next up, cake stands. Some are funky, rustic and just beautiful!

Chalkboard Dessert Pedestal


Tree Slice Cake Stand

 And for something a little more traditional and va-va-voom...

Laurel Wedding Cake Stand

I had WAY too much fun with this post...next week might be a little toned down...or not! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

{a personal way to say 'thank you!'}

Well, today is Frugal Friday, and you know what that means-- it's time for some awesome finds from etsy.com! I've found some cool items that will really help you personalize your wedding (and the thank you cards afterwards).  I've had some couple do some awesome homemade signs, but I also LOVE these from etsy.

Seeing as we're mostly concerned with getting great pictures during the wedding, these items seem like they could really make for some awesome shots. It's a great way to tell people that you're married, or a really cool way to say 'thank you' to everyone who came to the ceremony. These signs will add a little personal touch to the (sometimes) boring thank you cards that people generally send. There's two different styes below:

Click the picture to see the etsy page!

So cute, right?

Click the picture to see the etsy page!

There are many styles to fit your wedding theme.

Hope you're having a wonderful Friday! Here's to a great weekend!

{a cool find from etsy!}

Happy Friday to everyone! I don't know about you, but I'm glad it's almost time for the weekend. Every Friday (for Frugal Friday) I try to find something cool while browsing etsy, and I especially like today's item.

In addition to having the traditional guest book for the wedding ceremony, this seems like a really fun idea to remember who came to the reception afterwards. It's a concert-style poster that has all your wedding details on it, and reception guests can sign the inlay. That way, after it's all said and done, you have something cool to put in your new house-- so you won't forget how great your wedding reception was, and who was there to party with you!

I couldn't pick my favorite style, so I decided to post them both!


Click here to see the etsy page.


So awesome, right? I love a good concert poster, and I would love to have this hanging in my house!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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{frugal friday!}

So today is Friday (hooray!), and that means it's time to post some awesome finds from etsy! There's always so much new stuff to look at while browsing the "wedding" section, and it's generally hard to narrow it down to one post's worth of stuff... but I managed. Ha.

This week features a little inspiration for your head: some great alternatives to the traditional veil. There are three different options posted below, and each one caters to a different wedding style.

For a vintage inspired look, the Bandeau Style Birdcage Veil:

Click to visit the etsy page!

For a little more modern look, a rhinestone headband with no veil:

Click to visit the etsy page!

And the last style is a little more traditional:

Click to visit etsy page!

Which of these styles is your favorite?

Oh, and Happy Friday to you!

{don't forget the guys}

In the midst of planning for the wedding, it can seem like all the attention is on the bride {as it, honestly, should be}. But, after a little searching, you can find some cool items for the groom (and his "men")-- and these items are affordable and guarentee the men involved will have a little fun on the big day, too. So, on this "frugal Friday," check out some ETSY finds for the guys:

click for more!

These wooden wedding bands are perfect for the eco-friendly groom. They're made of sustainable wood with a recycled gold inlay. Instead of spending a ton of money on the wedding band, your groom can save a little green (in more ways than one), and spend it on his new bride! {click the picture to see more options}


click for more!

These pint glasses are a perfect gift for the groomsmen in the wedding party! There's many to choose from, and they would be great to use next time all the guys get together. Or, if the reception doubles as a party, the groom could break these out after he says "I do."


click for more!

And finally, for the cufflinks.... These vintage inspired cufflinks are not your typical {often boring} cufflinks for the big day. There are many different maps and styles to choose from, and you could even get a map of the destination for your honeymoon! These cufflinks are a great way for your groom to customize his suit.

{frugal friday!}

So, I don't know if you've heard of etsy.com, but it's one of the coolest places to buy anything {and everything} handmade. It's especially handy when you're looking for awesome/original things for your big day.

Instead of going the regular route, think outside the bouqet creating a look for your bridesmaids. Handbags {and these in particular} can be just as colorful and fun as flowers and last a whole lot longer... Your bridesmaids will have something original {and soo cute} during the ceremony, but they will also have something that will remind them how fun your wedding was long after you are mister and misses.






Just click on the picture that you like to see each etsy page! What do you think about these handmade goodies?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to follow!