{rachel and david}

So, apparently the 3rd weekend in July (next year it happens to be July 16th) has had super fabulous weather for the last 2 years in a row…oh great, I probably just jinxed it! Anyhoo, the weather and sky were absolutely perfect for Rachel and David’s wedding while we trekked around Hunter Valley Farms. Some of you may remember this lovely site solely from the crazy horse that graced us with his presence earlier in the season! Well, he was back, but decided not to be the center of attention this time around.

But lets return to the real reason for the day! Rachel was beyond a doubt incredibly gorgeous! I shot her bridal session out at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens and just this little preview made me so excited for her big day!! Of course, she didn’t disappoint!

And, David didn’t look to shabby himself!

(Love that face!!)

Hunter Valley has some incredible areas to take pictures; with everything from a barn and fields to a dock and beach, there is surely something that will fit your fancy. One of my favorite areas is the dock! However, I definitely had my job cut out for me with fitting this bridal party on the dock.




I know I have said it before, but it is beautiful to see how much love there is for the brides I get to photograph! Rachel was by far no exception. Her bridal room was packed with loved ones wishing her love and happiness and prayers.

And of course...who has a ceremony without an awesome reception to follow?

Now, let’s end this one on a silly note; because, that’s just how I like it!! Rachel, we said kiss David...not the horse!!

Thank you so much Rachel and David for giving me laughs and allowing me to experience this most beautiful day with you!!

Check back tomorrow for some incredible Etsy finds!!