{Frugal friday ---or saturday}

I was honestly on a roll this week, and believe it or not, yesterday wasn't an acception. I completely finshed this awesome post (and had fun perusing Etsy as I did) but in all the hustle and bustle that is my life I totally forgot to hit "Post"!! Haha! So here you go, a day late!

Lovely brides, while getting ready for your BIG day, lets not forget about a super special someone that will be sharing it right there with you...your GROOM!!! (Not that any of you would of course!) Yes, we want the perfect veil (and dress), the perfect jewelry, the perfect decorations, but lets pamper our groom-to-be as well! I found a couple of fun little things that will make him be included in on all the fun stuff! 

Here's some cufflinks that are a little bit less traditional!

Wood Cuff Links Beer Bottle Cap Cufflinks Love Abbreviation Cufflinks

 Another fun idea is this:

Matching Groom Tie and Ring Bearer Pillow (Of course I had to choose the orange polka dots...where do we live?!)

And lastly a little bit of joking around with the groom!!

Cold Feet Socks

 Now I'm out the door for a beautiful wedding at the Knoxville Convention Center!!