{Anissa and David}

Happy Monday everyone! It’s that time again…time to share some awesome moments from Anissa and David’s wedding back in August. I’m jumping around timeline wise, but trust me, you will see pretty much every wedding!

Anissa and David had their Big Day out at Flatwater Grill in Oak Ridge! You might remember a little sneak peak I did a few weeks back. Well, I have brought you the fog I promised!! I do, however, want to start it off with some shots of Anissa at her bridal session. I love how the lush green background just sets off those beautiful eyes and her strawberry blonde hair!!

 The man of the hour, David, didn't look so shabby himself! I love me a groom in seersucker!!

Once the rain subsided and the fog set in, Anissa wanted to see her guy! So we decided to do the first see! Mother Nature decided to cooperate and boy oh boy...did she just make my day! Look at that FOG!!



 One thing I love to capture are all the details of a wedding. You guys put so much into making this day everything you possibly dreamed so of course you want to remember everything! Its the subtle things in life right?!

 And what wedding isn't complete without some partying?! Anissa and David know how to throw one!



 Thank you so much Anissa and David! Remember...a little bit (or a lot) of rain on your wedding day is good luck! But you guys don't need it!