{brad and gresha}

After a week off (in the blog world), I am coming back with full vengeance! With the wedding season coming to a slow down, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m not still crazy busy! If anything, I’m even busier…is that even a word?! Anyway, I started getting stuck in a rut with the photos I was showing you guys from weddings, so I thought I would spice it up a bit! I absolutely love so many aspects of photojournalism! And that is one thing that I like to brag about…you get some posing with me but you also get those incredible moments that sometimes go unnoticed! I love capturing smiles and looks that the bride and groom give each other when they think no one is looking, or the father of the bride getting misty eyed before he walks his baby girl down the aisle. Those are the moments that make weddings! So, here are some of those moments that myself and my camera caught while no one else was looking! Or at least ones that people might have forgotten about! Check out Gresha and Brad!

The first see...you can't get any better than this! One of the sweetest!

Brad wanted a little bit of time by themselves. I snuck a couple of pictures, but wanted to give them some privacy.

Ava was awestruck by her mama...and who could blame her?

I love just letting the bride and groom do their thing for a little bit! It leads into some great poses and plus...you get moments like these!

Ava couldn't have been cuter! She did this all on her own!

But once she was done taking pictures...off she went!

We just might have do to a caption contest for this one! Cracks me up everytime!

Some of the sweetest ceremony pictures! I love when my assistant Kayla and I capture the same shot but in different perspectives. Its like that moment was meant to be captured!

And no blog is complete without some dancing! We have some thriller, some twirling, and some just plain ole fun!

Brad and Gresha...You guys really are fantastic! Thank you for having me follow you around on your wedding day to capture these moments!