{adam and dakota}

So I was thinking last night how horrible it was of me to not do a wedding post for the oh-so-envious Valentine's Day! What was I thinking? So in that case, I am breaking all the rules! Yup yup! With that being said, here is your semi-tardi (or completely late) Manic Monday.

Back in December, I got home from shooting a super awesome wedding (weather included) and realized I had never blogged this amazing engagement session!! It is so awesome when you meet a couple and you just know that 50 years from now they will be pulling out their wedding albums and gushing over them! I absolutely love Dakota and Adam! So when I was finished with their wedding, and I hadn't had enough of them, I ran home and went back through their engagement session and found some of my fav!! So I now finally get to show you guys some of the awesomeness from their biggo day!!

I absolutely love me some winter weddings!!! White always looks so good!

Dakota was stunning in her dress. Absolutely stunning!


I love how serious Adam looks here...because he is such a goof!

Adam and Dakota were all about the first see! I really loved this one because all in all they are very traditional, but we were able to have so much fun running around to a couple of different locations to get the best shots!!! Its fun when photojournalism meets with art. 

I had big plans for Adam and Dakota's pictures! I mean, when I am given free rein of downtown, you bet you booty I am going to run around!! But first, the church they are members of was so beautiful, I thought it would be the perfect backdrop. I didn't realize that it would be a death trap.

This is Dakota cracking up at me when I fell backwards (feet over head I might add) over a light fixture in the middle of the lawn. I mean really? A light fixture? But it got this amazing laugh! 


The bridal party met us at a park to do some fun formals (and not so formals). This was a fun bunch! I am loving Adam's groomsmen with the cell phone!! He seriously cracked me up! 

Love how dramatic these two shots are!  We all know how much I love me some solar flare!!  ;)  Can you believe that these pics were taken on DECEMBER 18th???  It was actually green!!  And not TOO cold... although the bridemaids certainly stayed huddled up!

So off to go get Married!! I always love capturing the bride and her father. Especially at the moment when the maid of honor goes down the aisle and the bride and her dad are left there for just a few minutes. Its always the sweetest part of the day!

Adam and Dakota took part in an incredibly beautiful tradition during the ceremony. Feet washing is an amazing way to demonstrate the commitment they are making as husband and wife.  Everytime I am apart of this, I feel like I have seen an amazing couple give the greatest gift they could possibly give to each other. Its beyond beautiful.

After the ceremony, I believe everyone was ready to boogy and eat donuts...yup, donuts! Probably one of the best ideas yet! Who doesn't love Cinnabon and donuts...um, no one!

And as the sign says, it is bad luck. So they didn't waste anytime diggin' in!


One of the funniest moments at a wedding! Even though you may have married her daughter, Adam, you still need to watch your back!!!

Mission Accomplished; barely unscathed.

Adam and Dakota, I had such a blast with you two! Your love is one to be reckoned with! You two are the bomb-diggity!