{caitlyn & bradley}

Adorable and fun-loving couple Caitlyn and Bradley wed on April 2, 2011.  But before the big day... they had a SUPER cute rehearsal dinner complete with a delicious spread of barbecue and a square dance and tons of toast, laughing and maybe even a few tears. You can tell these folks have no fear of cutting a rug. They were a blast! I hope the multitude of smiles in this post brighten your day. 

We took a little field trip over to West Hills Park to find some GREEN and some doggy-wood trees.  I can't tell you how happy Springtime in Tennessee makes this girl!

Caitlyn and Bradley had QUITE the wedding party!  These guys are all Young Life leaders together, so they are a super tight bunch.  Bradley and Caitlyn are spending their first year of marriage working full-time at a youth camp (and sharing a teeny-tiny little studio apartment) and lots of these guys are graduating and moving on, so this was also a really cool 'Last Hoorah" together for awhile.  Love the goofy one of Bradley.  
These next three crack me up!!  Poor little guy... Kiddos in weddings always have so much to offer in the way of entertainment.
LOVE the pic above of Caitlyn sneaking a giggle at Bradley during the ceremony.  This, my friends, is the luck of being in the right place at the right time.
WHEEEEE!!! We're married!!!

Haha... her face is priceless in this next one... DON'T YOU DARE!!  Did he?  Noooooo...  
The reception at Holston Hills Country Club was one of the most energetic I've ever seen! These ladies were ferocious in their pursuit of the coveted bouquet. 

I always take a picture of myself with the bride and groom... I have self portraits from nearly ALL of my weddings.  Anybody have any ideas on what I should do with them all??  I'm thinking wallpaper for the bedroom.  ;)
LOVE that these guys even danced down the bubble-runway!!   Thanks, Caitlyn and Bradley!