{liz & doug}

Ok.  So, I just love this couple.  I'm not sure what it is about winding up with Chicagoans as clients, but I swear it just happens all the time!  My favorite US city has also produced some of my favorite brides (and grooms too).  I had such a blast hanging out with this uber talented group of ladies who were not only smart and beautiful, but also hilarious and so fun. And, I got to shoot at Bluebird Hill for the first time.  I was in love at first click.  If you haven't checked it out, do yourself a favor and DO IT!!  Its just lovely.  And Liz is just too gorgeous for words.  Scroll down... you'll see what I mean.  She missed her calling as a skin model.  All the way through editing, we couldn't stop 'hating' her for it.  But seriously, Liz.  We're gonna need your skincare routine.  ;)

Enough with the talk and on to the action...

This makes me giggle... Justin Timberlake (mmmmmmm...) watching over the  gals.


omg.  sweetest. moment. ever...

And... the celebration begins...

ok... WARNING... get ready for WAY TOO MANY lovey B&G pics... dangit, they are photogenic.

hehe.  That horse had his tongue out in at least 5 pics.  We could NOT stop laughing at the office.  Can't decide if he's sayin' "me next" or "oooh. gross."

This tree... oh, this tree...

just when you thought the loveydovey stuff was over...

I mean... this boy can DANCE!!!

Yesssssssss!!!!  Thanks Y'all for the FUNFUNFUN day and thanks to Allie {my second shooter on this wedding and also pretty much my left arm} who took all the pics of the guys gettin' ready and lots more other great ones!   


Florist:  Mulberries

Dress:  Wedding Wonderland

Venue: Bluebird Hill

Church: All Saints Catholic 

Transportation:  Knoxville Trolley

Rentals: All Occasion Party Rental and Something Borrowed Vintage Rental for some small items

Cupcakes:  The Cup