cassie & bennett

Myohmyohmy!!!  Round the studio, none of us can decide who we have a bigger crush on... the uber-adorable (um... we especially LOVE his glasses, and any boy who can rock a vest and a tie like that is A-ok with us) Bennett or the super stylish (as in, straight out of an Anthropologie catalog) and equally as sweet Cassie.  These two are a perfect match and shooting this session was SOOO much fun!  You may recognize Cassie from her sis's amazing farm wedding (one of my VERY favorites from last year), and its so much fun for me to shoot two sisters in one year and have to capture two personalities (which are OH SO DIFFERENT).  What a great challenge for a photographer! Anyhow... on to the pics...  You'll see lots more of these guys over the next month or so... I still have to share Cassie's bridal, their super sweet {and super intimate} wedding, and their upcoming reception/PARTY in August!