{jill & brad} #whatwe'reworkinonwednesday

So, we all know inspiration NEVER strikes on the right day, or at the right time.  Heck, sometimes, not even in the right lifetime.  My idea for #whatwe'reworkinonwednesday just struck... on Thursday.  But, I didn't want to wait a whole week as I have the patience of a 4-month-only monkey, so this week, its #whatwe'reworkinonthursday.  Every week, we are going to give a quick glimpse of the shoot that happens to be on the editing block.  I HATE not having the time to do full, huge blogs of every single wedding (I have SO MANY more from this year I'm dying to get to), but it takes a TON of time to make a wedding blog.  This way, I can at least share a handful of pics from way more weddings and shoots and not stress quite so much about not getting to blog them!  Yay!  

So... first up?  Jill and Brad.  The hottest couple of the year!  ...as in 108 in the shade ...but we had a ball anyway at Maple Grove Inn.  Jill and Brad are seriously the most positive folks ever (and pretty cute to boot) and they didn't let the heat bring them down AT ALL!!  Instead it was all Love and Kiddos and Laughter and Cornhole and those Amazing pink shoes.  ;)