cassie & bennett {part uno}

There is honestly no good place to begin with this wedding, its ALL just too good.  I am so darn lucky to have been invited back to the Luce house to shoot their second (and sadly, last) daughter's wedding.  These folks know how to throw a wedding!!  You may remember Sara and Jake's rustic barn wedding that blew me away last fall and this one did NOT fail to disappoint.  Man, these girls have crazy different styles, but as a photographer, it is SO MUCH FUN for me to shoot the weddings of two sisters and try to make each one unique to the couple.  I hope that you take a minute to compare the two, because they are absolutely perfect, each in their own way and because I hope that you can see their personalities shining through.  Ok... on to this wedding!!  This is actually going to take a few posts.  This is the post about the wedding day itself.  Cassie and Bennett decided on a super small (30ish folks) wedding to make it super intimate and laid back.  Then, in August, they threw a big fun party with tons of details, delicious food and a live band.  The blog about that will come in a few weeks, so check back.  So many great pros worked on this wedding, that its just going to be easier to list them!  I hope I don't forget anyone.  ;)

Flowers: Mulberries (Samantha)

Cake: Sugarbuzz

Bridesmaid Dresses: Modcloth

Coordinators: One Enchanted Evening

Reception: Baker Peters (also did the DELICIOUS food)

Rentals: Something Borrowed Vintage Rentals

Small details: BHLDN

Hair: Salon Barnes and Barnes

Because every bride needs 3 pairs of shoes...  ;)    Actually, she just wore the yellow ones, but, hey, its good to have options.

What's a good wedding without a few dogs running around??

Two of my favorite shots Allie took...  I love the wide angle in the second.  
Good heavens, he's adorable.  Even during a 'boogey check.'  ;)

Cassie's VW van...  Yup.  She is that cool.

So, lets talk about these dresses for a minute.  Cassie ordered like 50 dresses from Modcloth (love already, right?) and specifically picked out each of these dresses for each of their oh, so different personalities and gave it to them as a gift.  Then she had the sashes with the handmade flowers made for each of the dresses and gifted the girls with super sweet lockets complete with messages.  I could not have loved the final result any more.  Just perfect.

I. Love. These. Girls...

One of my favorite daddy/daughter pics of all time... the one on the left where he's got all eyes on Cassie during the prayer.  I almost teared up... which makes using a camera tough.  ;)

Bennett had Samantha (of Mulberries) work this locket with his grandparent's pictures into his boutonniere.  And this is his mom seeing it for the first time.  Precious.

Dinner and the small reception (complete with a bit of dancin') were at Baker Peters.  It was so great to have an intimate, sit-down dinner with their closest friends and family.  I know everyone there felt so special and loved by these two.

Holy yumminess...

Aw.  Family portrait.  After shooting two weddings in this fam, I feel a bit like an honorary member.  ;)  

And just imagine!  Their RECEPTION party pics and Cassie's bridal session pics are STILL TO COME!  Check back for the oh, so full of amazing arsty details...  We can't wait to share them.  Until then, check out this super cute video made from all of their hilarious photobooth pics...  Just a little preview to tide you over.

Cassie and Bennett from Jennie Andrews on Vimeo.

 Sweet Pea
Performed by Amos Lee
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