{kayla & michael}

Goodness, gracious... I can't think of anything more fun than a day at the fair.  I'm going back a couple of months for this one, but I just couldn't let another week go by without sharing it.  I've known Kayla for YEARS!  I mean, we go way, way back.  So, naturally, I was SO EXCITED when she asked me to shoot her wedding next year and to do her engagement photos this fall.  First thing you should know... Kayla has amazing style.  The girl doesn't leave the house without perfect hair, flawless makeup and adorable clothes.  Which makes her so much fun to shoot (well, that and her slightly dramatic nature).  ;)  Second, when they asked me if I'd mind shooting at the fair, I jumped up and down!  I love shooting the fair... with all of its colors, smells, quirky people and tasty food, it's sensory overload!  And I can't help it... i just LOVE photos with other people in them.  Just makes a shoot feel so romantic, like, who cares about all these other folks?... I choose YOU... over and over and over, I'd still choose YOU.   xoxo

jessa & jim {headed to the chapel}


I'm pretty darn excited about this post because it involves an old friend.  Jessa and I went to high school together back in the "day."  I was stoked to get to shoot their engagement party at the Sunsphere and they wanted a few quintessential Knoxville photos since they met here, but neither live here anymore.

{engagement session: anna & garrett}

Well, I haven't blogged an e-session in FOREVER, so thought I'd show a bit of one from last weekend. I was super excited to get back into shooting mode, but the rain ended up washing out Friday's session. Then the weather on Sunday turned out to be INSANELY nice, and we were glad we'd waited for the sunshine.

Anna & Garrett are a great couple getting married in September. She is an art student (you can tell by her lovely jewelry and scarf that she's super creative—I LOVE her style).

For this marathon e-session, we started at the World's Fair Park—the scene of their first date (which may or may not have included grass stains—I didn't ask).

Since I always want my clients to include things/places that are special to them, these two brought along their Rock Band "instruments." {Insert joke about them making beautiful music together here.}

Then we hauled it down to South Knox to get shots in some of my favorite places. I particularly love the solar flare in these pics.

Here's a collage of photos made using the TTV (Through the Viewfinder) effect with my old Brownie Hawkeye. It gives these natural shots some vintage goodness, like they were found in an old trunk somewhere.

Then we ended up heading back across the river to the place where Anna and Garrett met: the UT Aquatic Center. I tried to get them to go swimming for old time's sake—ha ha!—but they didn't fall for it.

{Phot wants to congratulate...}

Happy Late Tuesday everyone! So I have plenty of stuff to show you guys...I just haven't had much free time to do it! But hopefully I will be a little bit more active here on the blog very very soon! :D

So, hopefully everyone stayed bundled this weekend and was able to safely enjoy the snow. Before the winter festivities began, I had a wedding this Saturday in my lovely neighborhood of South Knoxville! So, being all sentimental...hahah...I wanted to show you guys one of my favorite e-sessions...Dakota and Adam! They got hitched this last Saturday, December 11 and the weather could not have been more perfect! So here is their e-session...from way back when I was so busy I couldn't even stop to post one picture!!! So a biggo CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS to Dakota and Adam!!!


I love it when couples play around...and let me climb trees!


{Phot Esession}

Hey everyone! Happy Phot Tuesday! This week I have just a little something of a sneak peak. But trust me, it's well worth it! Don't they say the best things come in the smallest packages?! Teehee!!

One of my favorite series ever...introducing Taylor and Joey!!!

Tomorrow you get a big wedding day...because I messed up earlier this week! All these changes are leaving my brain scattered! So I'm going to make it up to you!

Check back tomorrow everyone!!

{Justin & Megan} the love

Holy Moly!!!  I had a BLAST playing around with Megan and Justin.  They are gettin' hitched in late July and we are gonna have soooo much fun if this session was any indication.  They are super laid back and were up for anything (even sitting in the mud so I could shoot them in a super cool cluster of flowers behind a warehouse downtown that was admittedly a little sketchy).  I have decided that I like a couple different locations for e-sessions... gives us more time to loosen up and also lets me do some different things with different looks.  I was digging it.  Ok... enough talk...  more action: