{stephen and devon}

Oh, the wedding season is slowly coming to an end...but don't you dare worry! I have pLeNtY of weddings to keep you guys busy (actually, to keep me busy)!! We are off with Stephen and Devon who got hitched out at the Knoxville Convention Center on a spectacular early October Saturday! The weather was absolutely beautiful as well as the bride!

These next two pictures are two of my favorite! Literally...stunning!!!

Now, Devon found herself the sweetest groom and a Marine at that! So I was expecting a hard core, no emotion-I-don't-want-my-picture-taken-all-day kind of guy. Oh boy was I wrong...lets start by introducing Stephen on one of my most memorable notes of the day! Teeheee!!

Doesn't it just make you giggle to see a Marine get all gushy?!? However, what is up with my Grooms this season...they are a bunch of tear gushers...but I LOVE it!!!


Now, this is what I call "Give 'em some Love!!" Well, not the groomsmen. That's "Mafia".

So onto the ceremony! Devon and Stephen said their vows out on the plaza of the Knoxville Convention Center! It was beautiful!!! And the colors were so vibrant! Maybe that is why Stephen got a little misty again...because of the beautiful scenery! He must have forgotten what he and Devon had decided to say to themselves so they don't cry..."Hide yo' Kids, Hide yo' Wives..."

And seriously, have you ever seen two parents who looked so proud?!

This speech has to go down in my book as the best speech of all time! Seriously...just perfect

Now, onto the dancing!! This was a wild bunch!! They were so much fun to shoot...and dance with!

Stephen and Devon...you are a beautiful couple and the love between you two is phenomenal! Thank you so much for having me be there to capture all the fun!