{a bridesmaid's funky friday}

Happy Friday to all my friends, brides (both past, present and future)! You all have been so fabulous this last year and I am so happy with how things are shaping up in 2011! Just thought I should let yall know!

Anyhoo, I had run into some roadblocks in trying to come up with something fun for Funky Friday this week! (I almost felt like I couldn't top the Its all about the Shoe Funky Friday but I am loving these beautiful handmade finds! Have I mentioned my love affair with Etsy?! Really and truly, its amazing!

These are beautiful for those winter or even spring weddings, when the weather is crazy and you never know if its going to be 36 degrees or 63 (as is evidence of this last week of weather!)

Crocheted Shaws

Or what about this super cute and vibrant bridesmaid dress? 

Cotton Bridesmaid Dress


Or what about these adorable clips? They can be made into hair clips or added to satin and be the cutest sash to have strutted down the aisle!

Peacock Feather Hairpieces

So if you feel like ditching the bridal salon and want to go the handmade route...Etsy is where you shall visit!!