{finally! funky friday}

Considering how utterly crazy this week has been—weather, power outages, tree down in yard, cross-continental travel—I didn't think I'd I get around to a {funky friday} post for you lovely people, BUT I do have some nifty things to share from my beloved etsy. In times of trouble, this wonderful showcase of creativity soothes me. 

Being on the islands has me in a nautical state of mind. Back in the '80s, nautical was very in and very preppy. Now that it's coming back, I'm not sure what to think...except that I like its retro appeal and a little touch is just right. 


Clockwise from top: The brass charm necklace with anchor and captain's wheel is simple and charming, while the Steampunk Octopus fearlessly shouts that you might have read Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea more than a few times..and aren't afraid to admit it. The monogramed sterling silver anchor charm is a nice twist on the always-classic initial pendant. And my favorite has to be the cameo-style anchor necklace, which is so romantic. It makes me think of ladies pacing the Widow's Walk, waiting for their sailors, lost at sea, to return home. Yeah, so the salty air must have gone straight to my brain. If I start talking like a Pirate, someone come get me.