{Kara and Nick

Ok, so since I am now spending so much time on here :) I have decided to make a little change...you get the BIG wedding post earlier in the week!! Manic Monday is perfect for the craziness that is a wedding! Teehee!! So let's to it!

Kara and Nick set the date back in June (I know, I know, I am super late) out at Butterfly Gap! There are so many areas at Butterfly Gap that just ooze perfect pictures! So let's start off with some Kara!

Gotta love a girl in a white dress and a Rolls-Royce!

Nick was not that chattiest of fellas that morning, however, when he saw Kara he opened up and we began to have quite a bit of fun!

LOVE this next moment...when I was changing lenses, Kara and Nick thought they could sneak a little dancing in without us knowing...these are the moments that make everything I do worth it!

So blue wall...or green wall...how about both?!

Now that is one happy priest! Love his expression!!

And what wedding isn't complete without some of the funniest and cutest kiddos out there?

Kara and Nick, I had an amazing blast capturing your day...as I know you guests did as well!! Thank you guys so much!