{a bun in the oven and an etsy "i do"}

Hey peepers!!! Phot and I wanted to drop in and show you some goodies!!!

Probably my FaVoRiTe picture in quite a while!!! This one makes my toes dance, my belly flutter, my nose crinkle and my heart race!! I am in love with it as much as I know Angela and Will are with their little tater tot!

AND to probably the most handy-dandy bride I have had all season!!! I kept asking her "Tawny, where did you get this?" and the reply was almost always, "Etsy!!" So guess what?!? Check back on Friday for a couple of finds that Tawny had from her big wedding day! Aren't those flags awesome?! Oh and The Love Angel Wedding Cake Toppers from 2 Fridays back...totally Tawny!

 Happy Phot Tuesday!!