{etsy in bloom}

Happy Friday everyone!! Its almost Turkey Day so before the family rolls in (or you roll out) check out these super fun finds from Etsy!! Flowers are always one of my favorite aspects about a wedding, however, doing a fun spin on them will make your day even more unique!! And isn't that what every bride wants?!

I definitely see this being for more of a FuNkY bride...just think of the endless possibilities of PaPeR!!

Custom Flower Bouquet

Or maybe you are looking for something really elegant and something that will last for YEARS?! 

Rosebud Bouquet


Chiffon Bouquet


And maybe even a little something funky for those bridesmaids! Now I have seen these as decorations...but just think how cute and fun these would be walking down the isle?!?

Pon Pom Bouquets

 I will see you guys next week for an extra special post that I am just so excited about!!!