{melissa and kevin}

Oh boy...is this going to be a FuN blog! I am super excited about this one because it was my First Biltmore Estate Wedding!!! If you saw last week's Phot Tuesday post, then you saw how Melissa and Kevin's style complimented The Biltmore so incredibly well! Well, lets just say, they were so much fun! We had limited time to run around the grounds, but that didn't stop us! So, without further adieu, here is Kevin, Melissa and special guest, The Biltmore Estate!

Two of my favorite shots! They compliment eachother so incredibly well!

The absolute sweetest first see!! This is why I love these; you would think it was so the BrIdE could cry, get emotional, what have you and then go reapply makeup so she can look spectacular for the ceremony...but no. Its usually for the GrOoM!

Once the crying stopped and the groom's tears were dried...sorry Kevin...we headed out to the Biltmore!

I couldn't choose between these next two...they both gave me crazy chill bumps! Seriously...ahhhh there they go again! 

Gahhh...you know you got them too!

After tromping around the grounds for a while, we went back up to the Inn on Biltmore Estate for the ceremony and reception! Melissa and Kevin have the sweetest little daughter! Even though her parents were getting married, we now know what was on her mind!

Onto the ceremony! Have I said how much I love Kevin!? (And how incredible Melissa looks?!)

This next series cracks me up! Melissa had the funniest faces the entire time they were cutting the cake! I don't think she liked what one of the groom's men had to say! (Perhaps he wanted to see some cake-in-the-face!?)

But he didn't get it...at least not a messy one!

One thing I will sometimes bring along with me to the weddings is my impromtu "photobooth"! Its so much fun to see what CrAzY things we can get people to do...or sometimes what they do without us having to convince them of anything!

And of course the dancing ensued shortly after! Can you spot the...uh hum...Photographer?!

Melissa and Kevin! Thank you sooo soo sooo much for my first Biltmore experience! I don't think I could have asked for a better couple to share it with! You guys rock my world!