{mandy and hunt}

Hello my friends!!! I hope you guys are getting pumped for Christmas!! I sure am! Anyway, I wanted to share a fantastic wedding that I had earlier this fall out in North Carolina! Lets talk about a picturesque backdrop! It was stunning...and some of the best weather! So, without further adieu, here are Mandy and Hunt...the best smiles ever!!

I love love love taking pictures of the bride getting ready! Sometimes its so hectic and crazy, but every now and then you get a bride like Mandy who just completely goes with the flow!!

So due to crazy traffic, we weren't able to go to the original spot we wanted to for the first see...however, you would be surprised what you can be given instead...a white porch and a beautiful tree always are fantastic!!! This is why we just roll with the wedding day punches!

Mandy might have been having just a little bit too much fun....but thats what I LOVE!!!

Once we got to our location, I had so much to work with...this little stairway just popped out of nowhere and wanted its debut! I would say it complimented Mandy and Hunt perfectly!

Once we got to the church out on Lake Junaluska...I almost had a heart attack when I saw what I got to work with. Lets just say, the quiantest, little church with the best backdrop EvEr!!!

This made me giggle!

So from ceremony...to reception!!


Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Mandy and Hunt opted out and went with the most scrumdiddleuptious apple pies from Haney's! Apparently they are famous...and I now know why! I might have maddoff with 2 of them! YUMMY!

Mandy and Hunt, I had such a blast tromping around Lake Junaluska with you two!!! And I now have a favorite apple pie! Send me some! :big smile: