{its all about the shoe funky friday}

OH how I have missed you guys! So lets just say, life and business has been crazy lately! I know you all are probably so sick of hearing that, but its so very true! My "break" is actually writing this blog! haha! So, since things are crazy hectic (getting ready for Premier Bridal Show on Sunday, January 9) this will be a short little blip, but is probably some of my favorite Etsy finds to date!! And thats saying a LOT!!

So brides are trying to be unique every chance they get. Nobody wants a cookie cutter wedding anymore! So here are some things for your tootsies that will definitely make people ask you to pull up your skirt...to view those shoes of course! :)

For a little bit of the traditional bride

Chiffon Beaded Clips


More for of the funky brides!

Peacock Shoe Clips

And finally, something that can go super traditional and classy or crazy funky and wacky!

Remember to check out these seller's pages to see all the different selections that are out there. All I did was simply type in "Shoes" in the search field under weddings and Voila!!