{kristin and daniel}

Disclaimer #2: Last week's was long...this one just might even be longer!! Lets get an espresso this time around!

Kristin and Daniel!! I absolutely love these guys!! Kristin is wonderful; I just couldn't get enough of her all day! Talk about easy going! Nothing went wrong on her day and I think so much of it had to do with her attitude! Ugh...Love this girl! So lets get started. Kristin and Daniel got hitched out at the Museum of Appalachia. LOVE this place in the fall!!

One super awesome part about the Museum is that you can rent cabins that are right up behind it. Therefore, your "getting ready" pictures can completely fall in theme as everything else! Whoo hoo for consistency!

Oh man, oh man...look at those brown beauties!!

Lets show off some more cowboy boots...can't get enough of them!

Now onto the beaus! Kristin and Daniel decided to not see eachother before the ceremony so I took the guys out back! And oh did we have some fun! Daniel restored his grandfather's Scout (oh the year escapes me...bring out the pitchforks) and wanted to make sure it was featured! I was told it wasn't a "car" it was a "Scout"; so I will be sure to refer to it as just that! Yup, thats Daniel's Grandfather sitting in the driver's seat!

Ok, so its wedding time! I love love love the details that Kristin had spread all throughout the ceremony and reception! Especially that bucket of lavender...my fav! Its the smallest things that really add so much! Oh and the peacocks come standard with the Museum! :)

This broom cracks me up! The story behind it is that apparently in the olden days, couples used to jump over a broom in order to seal the marriage. I am not exactly sure of the reason behind this (which I am now going to go look up) but this broom was highly protected all day. It seemed to pop up in the most random places and always wanted to be in pictures! Just cracks me up to think about it!

Oh you bet I did!! I can't resist climbing in the back of a Scout when given the chance!

Boy oh Boy!! Look at this girl! She's beautiful! Makes my job so easy!

Love how old timey this here picture is! 

Heading in for the party! Again, I just love the details! Ball mason jars will always and forever be a hit in my book! They are just so awesome...and I can't get enough burlap! 

Perhaps my favorite first dance pictures ever! And I mean that 100%! 

Kristin was previously in the army, so of course her army buddies were there to dance, perhaps drink, and be merry! However, things took an ugly turn when they could not accurately do the YMCA. Kristin wanted them to drop and give her 20!

Kristin and Daniel, you too are beyond awesome! I had so much fun with you guys and wish we could do it again every year! LOL!