{nicole and michael}

Readers beware: This just may have been the hardest/worst blog ever! Why you ask? Because I simply could not narrow down the awesomeness! Seriously, I just kept adding and adding; therefore, grab a cup of coffee, a blanket, some tunes and hunker down for the night. This might take a while! 

Let me start this off with saying that Nicole has fantastic taste!!! She knew what she was doing; her dress and accessories matched not only her and Michael's personality, but also the venue, which is not an easy task! OH and Nicole created a fantastic blog that documented her entire wedding process; the good, the bad and the...well, the creative! It is fantastic! Definitely check it out The Plunge Project. She is still doing awesome give-a-ways!!

I love these next two! Not only are they so much fun...but she didn't move an inch! I just ran on top of the bed and snapped away!! 

These are actually two seperate pictures...but I thought both of them showed the bridesmaids' personalities so well!!! Love how they are holding their flasks differently and how their shoes are so vastly different!!! 

I love getting those shots that the bride and groom want. Now, Nicole and Michael didn't want formal pictures, so here is my spin on formal. We all know that in 20 years, you are probably going to want the formal pictures so we always do them...however, I love throwing in some fun too! 

Now, if I can help it, I try and do as little of running around as I can (but that doesn't always work). Here is a perfect example of it working though! These two pictures were probably taken within 20 ft of eachother...we just ran up the steps in the second one!

Nicole and Michael chose to get married at the amazing L&N Station in downtown Knoxville. Its fantastic for details!!

Now, onto the fellas! Michael was so much fun! He literally put all his trust in me and just wanted to have fun...so of course I could't let him down!

Hahahaha....I still laugh when I see these next ones! Look at that longing look on Michael's face to his groomsman and look a those BARE ankles!!! Scandalous!!

We walked on over to the playground (because what group of boys can't resist a playground). After we met back up with Nicole before the ceremony she said that she actually saw us down there with the guys and was jealous...she wanted a picture like this one too!

But girls in dresses, flying around...probably not the best idea!

Now, I normally never blog family pictures, but I couldn't pass these up. Like I said earlier, Nicole and Michael didn't want super formal pictures and these are some of my favorite of capturing the bonds between their families!

It was so cute to see how adamant Michael was about not seeing Nicole before the wedding; usually its the other way around. So onto the ceremony we went. Now, this is one of my all-time favorite captures. When all eyes are on the bride for the first time, I always try and get the groom...that picture always speaks volumes!


Hooray for couples pictures!! These are some of my favorites (if not absolute favorites) all season!

One for me, because I love it so stinking much!



Not only was it freezing, but Nicole and Michael were ready to see all their guests and so were we! Everything was kicked off with the toasts, then onto the cake cutting...EPIC! There must be something about the L&N and the cake cutting, its always fantastic!

Michael and Nicole have awesome taste in music...some I have never heard at a wedding which just made it even more them! Their guests (including Grandma) had a trip dancing!!!

Nicole and Michael, I don't know if I have ever had so much fun with a couple on this entire voyage we call a wedding!! Your engagement pictures are some of my favorites and now your wedding pictures are too...that just speaks volumes to how great your guys are and how easy it is to capture your love (soooo cheesy, but so true)! Love you two!