amanda & jonathan

okeyokeyokey!! I know.  I'm a total blog slacker.  but, I feel sure I'm getting ready to make up for it!  This is one big, happy blog.  Amanda and Jonathan's BEAUTIFUL southern wedding.  Starting it off with a TON of pics of Amanda from her bridal shoot a week or so before the wedding.  They got hitched at Church Street United Methodist followed up by a reception at the huge and oh, so lovely farm where Amanda was raised.  Angie Froemel was amazing as the planner and coordinator and Holly's eventful dining rocked the sweet, southern menu.  Many thanks to Kayla Folks for rocking the second shooting on the wedding.  xo

It definitely rained on us all afternoon and then just as we thought outside pics were totally out of the question, the sun popped right out.  The fog was so perfect!

And... on to the wedding day.

This cracks me up... packing for the honeymoon...  

Amanda's BFF.  Her pup named Peepers.

Goodness, I adore this church.

These next few are probably my favorite moment all day.  The two moms immediately after the ceremony.  Hugging it out.  ;)

Who has heard of this southern tradition??  not me!  Bury a bottle of Jack exactly a month before the wedding.  Dig it up and enjoy it on the big day!!  Its supposed to bring beautiful weather.  It worked for them!  And if it does rain, you won't care, cause you'll be nice and happy from the bourbon.  

Could this be any cuter?  um, no...

cuh-razy folks tied their ties together to make a limbo stick.  awesome!